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Honda Motorbikes New Used Dealer Exporter in Thaliand, United Kingdom and Dubai

Jim is top Honda motorcycle motorbike dealer and exporter. Honda dominates the motorcycle segment. Since Honda released its first real motorcycle, the Model D, in 1949, Honda has graudually risen in the ranks to become world's dominant motorcycle manufacturer. With more than 50 million units sold in 50 years, Honda Super Cub is the most popular motorcycle in history. Today Honda offers an enormous lineup of class-leading motorcycles and is regularly adding to and improving its fleet. From it’s CBR line of sportibkes to its CRF line of off-road funsters to the luxurious Gold Wing Touring motorcycle, Honda has a bike for just about everybody. You can also see Honda motorcycles competing at almost every level of two-wheeled racing. We provide full range of Honda motorbikes from Thailand, Dubai and England UK in new and used but only on wholesale basis.


Honda Dream 125

Honda Dream 125 from Thailand's Leading Motorcycle exporterThe ubiquitous Dream is semi-automatic: automatic clutch with 4 gears.






Engine 4 Stroke, Overhead Camshaft, Air Cooled
Cylinder Capacity 124.9 CC.
Bore x Stroke 52.4 x 57.9 MM.
Engine Start Type Kick Start Model / Kick and Electric Start Model
Compression Ratio 9.3 : 1
Transmission Rotary 4 Speed
Dimension (W x L x H) 705 x 1,865 x 1,045 MM.
Wheel Base 1,200 MM.
Dry   Weight Kick Start 93.5 Kgs.
Electric Start 95.5 Kgs.
Ignition CDI
Tyre Size Front 60 / 100 - 17 M/C 33P
Rear 70 / 100 - 17 M/C 40P
Battery Kick Start Dry Battery 12 V. - 2.5 Ah
Electric Start Dry Battery 12 V. - 3.5 Ah
Fuel Tank Capacity 4.0 Litrs
Fuel Type Unleaded Gasoline Octane 91 Up
Coat Type ED Coat (Electrical)
Emission Standard Under Level 5
Engine Oil Change Time Every 8,000 Kms


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Honda Braking - Combi Brake CBS and Dual CBS

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Two types of CBS, Combi Brake (Single CBS) and dual CBS

Honda's CBS can be largely classified into two types; Combi brake adopted for scooters, medium sized motorcycles and American custom models and dual CBS used by large sports and large tourers.

The main purpose of the two types is the same; to increase the deceleration obtained on appllication of the pedal brake (or the left lever), which was previously relatively lower during the application of the rear wheel brake alone. To achieve the purpose, it was made possible to apply the brakes simultaneously on the front and rear wheels by operation of the pedal (or the left lever). In case of dual CBS, furthermore, it was made possible to apply the brakes simultaneously on the front and rear wheels when the right lever was operated, to reduce nosedive.

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Honda Braking - Combined ABS CBS

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Two types of combined ABS combining CBS and ABS

Honda is now using two types of ABS for motorcycles, ABS using circulating type modulator widely used in automobiles and ABS used exclusively by motorcycles with modulators driven directly by motors. There are cases of using those two types of ABS as they are for the conventional brake system and of using them in combination with CBS as combined ABS, aiming at installation of ABS on many models. For the combined ABS for large scooters, circulating type modulators partially improved for motorcycles were adopted for "Combi brake". For large tourers, combined ABS capable of giving higher braking force was completed, combining modulators directly driven by motors with dual CBS.

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Honda Braking - Dual CBS large sport tourers

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Dual CBS for large sports tourers

Honda has further advanced Combi Brake, which will work simultaneously on the front and rear wheels by operation of the pedal (left lever) only, to develop dual CBS for application to much larger sports models. Based on the front double disk brake and rear disk brake, this not only brakes the front and rear wheels at the same time by applying the pedal, but also applies braking force on the rear wheel when the right lever is operated. The dual CBS enabled to efficiently decelerate and reduce nosedive.

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Honda Braking - Merits Combined ABS

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Merits of Combined ABS

Advanced brake systems developed by Honda so far, CBS and ABS, were merged as combined ABS to enable to produce a greater effect. The figure below shows a comparison of maximum deceleration generated by operation of the pedal alone in a model between the conventional brake and the advanced brake systems. The deceleration generated by the pedal operation in the conventional brake system is approximately 0.4G (1G = 9.8m/s2). As against to it, the deceleration is increased in CBS by about 1.7 times by obtaining braking force of the front wheel. In case of combined ABS, furthermore, the deceleration is increased as much as approximately 2.3 times.

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