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4×4 Tips from 4×4 Pickup Truck and 4×4 Sport Utility Vehicle SUV Dealer: Thailand’s, Singapore’s, England United Kingdom’s and Dubai’s top new and used 4×4 Dealer

Welcome to Jim 4×4 Thailand, suppliers of diesel and petrol four wheel drive from Thailand, Dubai, Singapore and England United Kingdom. Since we were Asia’s first auto dealer, we have dominated Asian automotive scene since our founding in 1911. 4×4 remain our particular specialty and we happen to the world’s leader in export of diesel 4x4s. By purchasing from us you cut the middle men and distributors and wholesalers. From our Thailand office you can purchase all kinds of zero meter brand-new diesel 4×4 as Toyota Hilux Vigo, Mitsubishi Triton, Nissan Navara, Toyota Fortuner, Chevy Colorado, Ford Ranger, Mazda BT-50, Isuzu Dmax, Isuzu MU-7 among others. Our used car division Jim 4×4 Thailand can provide you nearly new and used Toyota Vigo, Toyota Hilux Tiger and other diesel 4x4s of your choice. Our Dubai office offers not only Toyota Vigo and Toyota Tiger but also Right Hand Drive and Left Hand Drive Toyota Landcruiser, Toyota Landcruiser Prado, Toyota RAV4, Mitsubishi Pajero and Mitsubishi L200 among others.

How to extricate your bogged vehicle with a snatch strap and winch

How To use a snatch strap

  • Line the towing vehicle up as straight as possible with the bogged vehicle
  • Uncoil the strap completely (remove twists or knots in strap) and connect the ends securely to each vehicle
  • Use the ‘D’ shackles only if necessary. Screw them up properly by doing them up finger tight and then backing them off slightly
  • Avoid any sharp objects that may damage the strap
  • Don’t join straps with a ‘D’ shackle. It’s liable to become a dangerous missile! Loop the straps together and place a piece of wood, or rolled up newspaper in the knot so it can be unfastened later.
  • Keep around two to three metres of strap looped slackly between the vehicles

When all spectators are out of the way, on a given signal –

  • The towing vehicle gently accelerates to take up the slack to ‘snatch’ the bogged vehicle out
  • The bogged vehicle assists using its own power in an effort to drive out

If the first attempt is not successful, try again with a little more acceleration and a little more slack. Winches can be the hand powered ‘Tirfor’ type, electric or power takeoff

When using a winch

  • Always use gloves to control the cable
  • Keep hands well away from the winch drum
  • Make sure there are at least four coils of wire rope on the drum before load is applied to the winch
  • Re-check all connections and ‘D’ shackles before starting to winch
  • Use an old blanket, or bag, draped over the cable to act as a damper in case the rope breaks
  • Keep all spectators away
  • Take up the slack carefully. Avoid shock loading the winch and cable
  • Once the bogged vehicle begins to move, don’t accelerate hard. You could damage the cable or lose traction again, shock loading the winch and cable, possibly breaking something. Take it easy
  • Use a snatch block to halve the work load on the winch
  • Use a tree trunk protector when using a tree as a winch point.


Jim Autos Thailand takes no responsibility for the accuracy of the information contained in these tips. Jim Autos Thailand, its owners, deny any liability for actions taken based on the information in these articles and will not accept responsibility for damage incurred to any vehicle, parts, or person, based on those actions. As always, Jim Autos Thailand encourages its visitors to seek the advise of a professional before attempting any modification to any vehicle. As always drive safely, tread lightly, and keep your wheels on the ground!

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4×4 Wheels Dealer: Thailand’s Top 4×4 Wheels, Rims and Tires Exporter

4X4 wheels dealer Jim Autos Thailand, Jim 4×4 Thailand and Jim Autos Dubai selling 4×4 custom wheels, 4×4 alloy wheels, 4×4 aluminum wheels, 4×4 chrome wheels, 4×4 off-road wheels, performance 4×4 wheels, pickup 4×4 wheels, SUV 4×4 wheels, special 4×4 wheels and many other 4×4 wheels for sale. We have 18″ rims, 20″ rims and 22″ rims.

Lenso 4×4 wheels, Mohave 4X4 wheels, 6 spoke wheels, with a refined and elaborate design, have been exclusively intended and created for off-road 4×4 cars and for sport 4×4 SUVs. Storm 4X4 wheels, available in the size 7×15 – 7,5×16 – 8×16 – 8×17 – 8×18, are ideal for 4×4 cars and also for off-road vehicles and 4×4 suv. Another model of 4×4 wheels distributed by Jim is Thrust, 6 spokes, very much in demand thanks to its sporting design.

Jim Autos Thailand and Jim4x4 Thailand supplies 4×4 wheels to suit any diesel 4×4 as Toyota Hilux Vigo, Mitsubishi Triton, Nissan Navara, Toyota Fortuner, Chevy Colorado, Ford Ranger, Mazda BT-50, Isuzu Dmax, Isuzu MU-7 while Jim Autos Dubai supplies 4×4 wheels for 4×4 car, such as Jeep Cherokee, Porsche Cayenne, BMW X5, Volkswagen Touareg, Mitsubishi Pajero, Hummer H2, Nissan Patrol, Nissan King, Nissan Pick-Up, Toyota Four Runner, Mercedes ML, Opel Frontera, Suzuki Jeep, and many other 4×4 cars.

4×4 Accessories Dealer and Exporter

We are Thailand’s top accessories dealer. Toyota 4×4 accessories are our particular specialty, if you are looking for accessories for Toyota Hilux Vigo, or Toyota Hilux Tiger, Toyota Hilux Sportcruiser, Toyota Hilux Sportrider or Toyota Fortuner, we will be glad to provide you a range of spare parts and accessories.

Jim offers you a easy way to browse our full line of Auto and Truck Accessories.

In Exterior Accessories we offer many great products for dressing-up the appearance and enhancing the performance of your vehicle including:

1.1 Grille & Brush Protection: Bull Bars, Grille & Brush Guards, Rear Bumper Guards, Skid Plates and Taillight Guards,

1.2 Nerf bars & Running Boards: Nerf Bars & Step Bars, Running Boards and Truck Steps,

1.3 Truck Bed Accessories: Bed Caps, Bed Mats, Bed Rails, Bedliners, Tailgate Covers, Tonneau Covers and Truck Roll Bars,

1.4 Truck Tool Boxes: Chests & Utility Boxes, Drawer Storage, Innersides, Single-Lid & Dual Lid Crossovers, Tool Box Accessories, Topsides, Trailer Tongue and Underbed Toolboxes,

1.5 Body Restyling: Billet Grilles, Cab Extenders, Cab Visors (many can be painted to custom match your truck), Carbon Fiber Accessories, Chrome Accessories, Fender Flares & Trim, Grab Handles, Ground Effects, Hood scoops & Vents, Hoods & Trunks and Splash Guards & Mud Flaps,

1.6 Lighting: Colored Glass Auto Bulbs, Driving Lights, Emergency Lights, Fog Lights, Halogen Work Lights, LED Light Kits, License Plate Frames, Screw Lights and Truck Light kits,

1.7 Covers & Shields: Bug Shields & Hood Protectors, Headlight Covers, License Plate Covers, License Plate frames, Taillight Covers, Wind Deflectors and Window Visors & Covers.

Interior Accessories available at Jim Autos include;

2.1 Electrical: Air Horns, Electrical Horns, Fans, Truck Air Horn Systems,

2.2 Floor Mats & Liners: Cargo Liners, Floor Guards and Floor Mats,

2.3 Interior Lighting: Lighting Products and Safety Lights, Sun Shields & Visors: Windshield Visors,

2.4 Alarms & Security: Alarms, Lock guards, Security Devices and Sirens,

2.5 Clocks & Compasses: Roll & Pitch Meters.

In the Towing and Cargo Management Category, you will find a great selection of Towing Related Products including;

3.1 Cargo Management: Bike Racks, Cargo Carriers, Cargo Nets, Ramps, Roof Racks and Ski Racks,

3.2 Hitches: Base Rail Systems, Folding Ball Gooseneck Systems, Receivers, Under Bed Systems and Weight Distribution Systems,

3.3 Towing Accessories: Balls & Mounts, Hitch Covers, Hitch Steps, Pins & Clips and Pintle Hooks,

3.4 Towing Electrical: Brake Controllers, Break Away Kits, Tail Light Converters, Towing Lights and Wiring Connectors,

3.5 Trailer Accessories: Cabinets, Electrical Covers, Hangers, Holders, Mounts, Racks, Runners, Shelving and Trash Receptacles,

3.6 Pet Carriers: Dog Boxes.

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