Chevy Colorado in CNG

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Chevy Colorado being released in Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) version

Chevy Colorado released in CNGWith Oil prices rising relentlessly Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) had suddenly become very attractive and still remains a great option with Oil prices stabilizing. CNG savings are great and it is more environmentally friendly. Now two companies are releasing CNG version from the factory: the first is Indian manufacturer Tata who has just arrived in Thailandshores and the other is resepcted American company GM which is manufacturing a CNG version of its popular Chevy Colorado.

New Colorado CNG will be Dual Fuel System and will be able to use both Natural Gas (CNG/NGV) And Diesel or Biodiesel (B2, B5) at the ratio of 65:35. In either case you are going green and also saving green dollars while being nice to the environment. A win-win deal.

The system allows you to choose between two modes of operation: diesel or diesel+CNG. Of course for economic (and environmental) reasons, running in diesel+CNG mode is preferable, and diesel mode should really only be used when the CNG runs out. In the event that the gas does run out the system will automatically switch to diesel mode. As you will notice that it is not just CNG but CNG + Diesel. The Colorado would simultaneously mix the two fuels, at a ratio of 65% CNG and 35% diesel, and when CNG runs out it will switch to 100% diesel or a combination mixture of diesel and biodiesel. System was created in cooperation with US Energy Corporation.

chevy colorado CNG green pickup available at Jim The 2.5-litre Colorado CNG operates on a dual fuel-injection system which runs on a mixture of 65-per-cent compressed natural gas and 35-per-cent diesel. This is a cheaper alternative since CNG currently costs only Bt8.50 per kilogram, one-third the cost of diesel.

“The Colorado CNG’s 70-litre pressurised tank, the same size as in the Optra CNG, is positioned conveniently in the rear bed of the truck. The vehicle comes with full warranty as well,” said Stephen Carlisle, president of Chevrolet Sales Thailand.

Currently, the Colorado CNG is only available in the extended-cab and single-cab versions. This is because Chevrolet expects it will be used for load-carrying purposes rather than as a passenger vehicle. The CNG tank, however, does rob the rear truck bed of a considerable amount of space.


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