Environment friendly Honda PGM-F!

Advantages of newly developed compact PGM-FI

In 1992, Honda addressed to the world the “Honda Environment Declaration”, in that declaring “Actively be involved in the retention of personal health and preservation of global environment, and maintain advanced characteristics in such activities.” The PGM-FI technology is aimed at improvement of practical fuel economy, driveability, etc. to a high level as well as contributing to the reduction of the release of environmentally detrimental substances into the global environment.

2005 goals of exhaust emissions and fuel economy

In 1999, Honda newly addressed “2005 goals of exhaust emissions and fuel economy”. In that statement, Honda set the following two goals.

  • Reduce the total emissions of HC from new vehicles to 1/3 from 1995 by 2005
  • Improve the average fuel economy by 30% from 1995 by 2005

With regards to HC, the emission has been reduced to 24% from 1995 at the end of 2001, and the goal has already been accomplished. The average fuel economy has been improved by 18% at the end of 2001, and further efforts are being made to attain the goal. It can be considered that the PGM-FI for small motorcycles is a technology that contributes to the global level environmental protection by reducing the exhaust emissions and improving fuel economy.

Merits from clean exhaust gas

The graph in dark green shows the data from the conventional “Wave 125” (for Thailand) using a carburetor. The graph in light green shows the data from “Wave 125i” (for Thailand) equipped with the PGM-FI. The light blue graph in the background is the 4th emission control regulations in the Thai market up to 2003, the dark blue shows the 5th emission regulation to be enacted in 2004. The “Wave 125i” equipped with the PGM-FI emits CO approximately 1/3, and HC+NOx 1/4 of the 4th regulation figures, thus attaining a very high level of cleanliness. The figures are less than half of the 5th regulation figures to be applied in 2004.

Merits of high fuel economy

The “Wave 125i” maintains the same level of fuel economy in ECE40 mode as the Wave 125, which has accomplished the remarkable improvement of fuel economy from the Wave110. By accurately controlling the fuel injection volume in the practical revolution ranges, the fuel consumption is reduced, attaining approximately 6% less fuel consumption from the current Wave 125 in the actual driving tests in Thailand.

Honda R&D will continue to strive toward the major goal of offering products more valuable for each customer as well as protecting the global environment. As one of such measures, we will extend application of the PGM-FI to even smaller displacement motorcycles and to more countries to have the technology used by as many customers as possible.

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