Top Ten Reasons to pick Jim Autos

In the crowded world of auto exporting, Jim Group of Companies stands uniquely different. A quick email at [email protected] will connect you to Jim Autos Thailand and Jim 4×4 Thailand and likewise an email at [email protected] will allow you to purchase Right Hand Drive and Left Hand Drive vehicles of all kinds from Jim Autos Dubai, Singapore Motors Jim and Jim Autos United Kingdom. In Jim Autos you have one stop shop for your worldwide auto purchases.

Here are the Top Ten Reasons why our customers prefer us over our competition:

Unique Sense of History and Mission:

Customer Service is not just a slogan but a Mission bequeathed to each Quraishi Generation. We are the First Family of Asian Automotive Industry and have set standards for all to follow and will continue to do so in Asia and beyond. The Patriarch of the Family became immortal in Asian automotive history by importing first automobile imported by an Asian in 1905. He again made history by  opening Asia’s first automobile dealership in 1911. Jim Autos is now Asia’s oldest and most trusted dealership. For more info view our history.

Thailand’s Most Trusted Dealership:

Our great-grandfather had built his dealership on four principles of absolute honesty and integrity, unparalleled customer service,  top quality and selection and lowest possible prices and 101 years later we continue to build on his ideals. See our customer comments in our Testimonialsection to learn why our motto of “Customers for Life” is more than just a slogan and why generations after generations, dealerships and corporations continue to trust Quraishis for all their automotive purchasing. Our enviable track record was built one customer at a time over 10 decades of old-fashioned customer service with integrity and professionalism. Since 1911, there has been no greater joy for a Quraishi than to win customer delight by getting the vehicle of his or her dream into our customer’s hand.

By virtue of being Asia’s First Family of Automotive Retailing, our name was already known in Thai automotive circles but we were not a household name among consumers. This changed when Mr. Quraishi decided to extend Quraishi automotive Empire into Thailand. He started out selling quality used vehicles using Quraishi Formula of “No Hassle, No Haggle One Low Price”. The stereotype of used salesperson held true in Thailand as well until Mr. Quraishi began selling top quality pre-owned vehicles at the lowest price in town with a one year Warranty. When this was a raving success, he introduced the concept of multi-brand dealership where companies and embassies were able to do all their new and used car purchasing of all kinds of vehicles from one low price vendor. Multi-brand dealershipwas another success and from there the path to becoming a multi-brand exporter was a natural progression.

We are #1 not because we are perfect but because we have managed to earn the trust and respect of our customers and this honor we never take lightly. It would be foolish of us to take this trust for granted and to rest on our laurels. No matter how good we are, or how far ahead we are of our competition, or how popular our prepared vehicles are with the end-users, we never forget that our customers always have a choice and if they are choosing us and trusting us, we must be thankful for this choice and trust and live up to both one deal at a time.

We stand behind the products we sell and take pride in our outstanding level of customer service. We take the utmost care to ensure that all your personal and order information is kept confidential and secure. (For more information, please refer to our Privacy Policypage.)

Our Testimonials page and our 80% repeat and referral rateis a testament to our customers trust in us and our attention to quality, details and long-term customer delight. We get 90% on our Customer Satisfaction Surveys and instead of saying, “I think I got a good deal” our customers say, “Wow! working with Jim is great. I got a beautiful pickup at a great price.” Our customers cannot stop taking about us and are enthusiastic about recommending us to their family and friends.


In-depth Industry and Product Experience

It may be hard to believe but believe you me: we are the only automotive exporter in Thailand who actually has any auto experience and among few auto dealers who export from Dubai, United Kingdom and Singapore. We of course don’t have just any auto experience but are among the leaders of Asian Automotive industry. We were Thailand’s first multi-brand dealership group and leveraged the first-in-marketplace advantage to assume leadership position in the industry. This helped us greatly when we entered the auto exporting arena. We were able to use existing contracts with manufacturers and dealerships to buy first choice vehicles at lowest prices and able to pass these savings to our export customers. The rest get the scraps of the table, we get the choicest cut.

Experience counts! When you work with us, your risk is reduced and time and money are saved. We know cars and are able to set you up with a vehicle that best suits your needs. We can also offer you top quality accessories from top manufacturers and since our high volume allows us to absorb all their production, our competitors are forced to settle for lower-tier manufacturers. Our extensive knowledge of cars make a lot of difference. If you think that buying from an exporter with no auto experience and buying from someone with decades of automotive experience is the same, you are in for a surprise. You can rely on our crack team of professionals to provide the answers you need when you need them.

We don’t just have 101 years of automotive experience, cars are our passion. The first word Sam Quraishi uttered was not “mommy” but “CAR” as cars are in our blood and our enthusiasm for automobiles is translated into ensuring that each vehicle meets our highest standards.

Registered with the Thailand Chamber of Commerce

We are the only Thai auto exporter who is registered with the Thailand Chamber of Commerce. Thailand Chamber of Commerce is very picky in who they pick, it took us years of preparation to finally win the coveted registration. Our Dubai, United Kingdom and Singapore offices are likewise recognized by not only their peers but by auto and business organizations.

Family-Owned and Family-Operated

For the past 100 years, Quraishi Motors and its successor organizations Bloomstar and Jim Autos have been owned and operated by the Quraishi Family guided by the quad principles (honesty,  quality, service and price) enumerated by our great-grandfather and grandfather. It is our greatest pleasure to serve you with honesty, integrity and professionalism under the visionary leadership of Jim Quraishi. We treat all our customers as a part of our extended family.

Selecting an Auto Exporter is an important decision. You want an experienced company that’s big enough to serve all your needs and has the financial resources to serve you through thick and thin, yet can also provide individual attention and take the time to answer your questions. Since the top executives are mostly family members, their work is not just a source of paycheck but a mission to create lifelong customers. We have the professionalism, power and resources of a large company but are also able to provide the personalized service of a family business.

Many auto exporting companies are owned by venture capitalists and investors who are eager to recoup their investment as expeditiously as possible. We are more flexible and innovative in comparison to a venture driven company and we can offer a higher quality product at a lower price than our competitors because we don’t have to show profit every quarter. Our family honor and keeping our good name and goodwill is more important to us than short-term profit.

Diversity of Customers

We have every kind of customer: individuals, IGOs, NGOs, embassies, governments, UN agencies, militaries, Fortune 500 Corporations, SMEs, multinational dealership groups and small dealers. We know how to satisfy their disparate needs seamlessly and have been doing so for the past 100 years. Some of our customers have been with us for decades and 80% of our customers are repeat and referral customers.

Non-profits and NGOs are especially dear to us as our great grandfather and grandfather were renowned philanthropists whose exemplary generosity was ahead of its time as it sought to empower the individuals and whole communities to stand on their own feet and was focused not just on empowerment but also on education and practical training. We have continued this legacy and have taken this work global. Our work for the relief of tsunami victims of South East Asia and earthquake victims of South West Asia was recognized and our quick provision of needed vehicles to NGOs at our cost was greatly appreciated by all beneficiaries. We have done wonders for the budgets of NGOs and project support companies.

Diversity of Markets

We have lifelong customers in almost every Right Hand Drive country of the world and since we control over 80%-90% of the market in almost every country of our operation and have been supplying vehicles for quite a few years, we understand what the customer wants in a particular country. We are able to customize a vehicle for a new dealer importing a vehicle into his country for the first time to the vehicle specifications in vogue in that country. 

Economy of Scale: High-Volume Factory-Direct Purchasing

Since we dominate Thai export market by a wide margin (some 80% of Toyota Hilux Vigo and 90% of Mitsubishi L200 Triton are exported by us), we are able to negotiate very favourable price agreements for purchase of not just the vehicles but also the accessories. A company that exports 300-500 vehicles a month can get a much better deal than its second largest competitor whose monthly exports rarely exceed 20 vehicles. Additionally 100 years of continuous growth have put us into an enviable financial situation so we can stock up most ordered vehicles even when supply is tight. We could choose to keep the savings we get from high-volume purchasing but we have chosen to pass these savings onto our customers. The same is true in Dubai, Singapore, England United Kingdom, United States, New Zealand and Australia.

In terms of accessories purchase, we only buy the highest quality accessories and since our demand is so high that we consume 90% output of top accessories manufacturers, the competitors only get what we reject. Our state of the art factory also produces Jim Quality and Jim Branded accessories for select customers who want to leverage Jim brand image in their markets.

Fresh Stock

Our large-scale buying allow us to supply vehicles that are of current month plate while others may deliver vehicles that can be up to six months old. Others may also sell you demo and road test models without telling you in advance. Still others have even been known to acquire used vehicles from the auction circuit and then sell them as new by making some devious changes.

Remember as the honored guest who has been in the market for 100 years, we get the freshest cuts of the meat while others have to fight for table scraps. Stay with the best to get the best

The Fastest wins the Race

“Time is Money” may be a worn-out cliché but its veracity cannot be denied. Once you have send your money, you want your vehicle in the shortest possible time and that can only mean Jim because no one else has our financial resources, clout and contacts to make it happen. Some of our most ordered vehicles like Toyota Hilux Vigo G, Nissan Navara and Triton 3.2 are in ready stock in times of plenty and can be taken through registration and deregistration process at a lightning pace. Your vehicle can be shipment ready in 3 to 7 working days in times of plenty. Officials can never choose to be bureaucratic with a company of Jim’s stature in an export-driven country when Jim is one of Thailand’s top foreign exchange earner.

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10 More Reasons to Stay with Jim

11. Dependable: You are always in control

Customer Empowerment is a top goal for us. We are always looking out for your long-term interests because we want you to be a partner for life. Our success is in your success so we work together to create a long-term strategy to multiply your profit. Customer service has always been a foundation of our business. For four generations, our name has stood for honesty, integrity, trust, professionalism, performance, lowest prices, highest quality and customer service. Our market dominance, worldwide network of branches and partnerships and our desire to participate in our customers success give our customers an edge they can leverage to dominate their market segment. Our deep family resources will give you something even more important: peace of mind.

When you work with us, you are in complete control of the process from the beginning to the end. You are in control while specifying vehicles’ feature-set and you control how we ship your vehicle. You are in control before you send your money and you are in control after you have send your money. You remain in control before your vehicle has arrived, and you remain in control after you have received your vehicle. With Jim Autos, you are always in control! We are in with you for the long haul, not just for one deal.

One aspect of empowerment is our no-hassle, no haggle, no hidden charges, no gimmicks, negotiation-free bottom-line pricing. Customer knows that the pricing we are quoting is the best price. Discounts are available on purchase of 9+, 26+, 51+ and 100+ vehicles. This honest and up-front pricing strategy is another key to our strong repeat and referral business. Customer knows that he is not being cheated on price. He is getting the lowest possible price for the quality he is getting and there will no hidden fees or substitution as with other exporters. Remember if you buy from somewhere else, more often than not, you pay more for less as no one but no one in Thailand market is able to purchase at a price lower than us and no one has lower profit margin than us. We are able to keep our profit margin razor thin because unlike our competitors we are not answerable to venture capitalists and don’t have to show profit each quarter. We can therefore afford to keep our customers in the driving seat literally and metaphorically.

12. Rock Of Stability:

At Jim, our stability is the result of delivering automotive solutions on time and on budget—day after day, year after year for the past 100 years. We are a company of long-term vision and long-term partnerships, and we have weathered major World Wars, rioting, rampaging, independence, economic storms and have outlasted market trends while remaining responsive to sometimes radical change.

Our financial stability and workforce stability are our other assets that have allowed us to grow and contribute to our customers’ growth and prosperity.

Our 100 years of tireless service through it all means that we are not going to disappear anytime soon while almost half of Thai auto exporters have disappeared in the past 5 years and 80% of the current players are barely a year old in this business and none of them were in auto business before their current venture. We are Thailand’s longest established auto exporter, which means that we have a large supply base of manufacturers, dealers and a strong knowledge of what your market is looking for. We can say without a trace of arrogance but with a great deal of certainty: We are what you need!

13. Long-term price competitiveness:

Due to our financial muscle, purchasing clout, industry longevity, huge customer-base and industry-wide relationships, we are able to purchase at the lowest possible price in town so since our profit margin is the lowest no honest company can offer a price lower than our price and survive for long. It may sound self-serving but auto exporting has unfortunately attracted some unsavory characters who will separate you from your money. The maxim: “if it is too good to be true, it probably is” holds doubly true in our world. 

We are not interested in hit-n-run sale, so a one-time sale at the cost of our customers long-term interest does not interest us. Solving our customers long-term needs is what turns us on. Many auto exporter will bait you with a hard to believe price but then nickel and dime you to death and add an extra fee on every product and service they offer. Their prices creep us and they pass low quality accessories. If some of our customers are lured away by one of our competitors, they eventually return back to us while our competitors’ customers never return to them once they have experienced our service, price and quality. This should tell you something about our company and the difference it makes.

14. We deliver on our commitments

Many exporters over-promise and under-deliver when we under-promise and over-deliver. There are no rude surprises with us, only pleasant surprises. Dealers and corporations all over the world have come to know us as not just the largest and most chosen auto exporter but also as a company that can be trusted implicitly to deliver highest quality vehicles accessorized just right delivered at the right time and at the right price not just once but every time. We have become number 1 because we were there at the right time but because we listened to our customers and fulfilled our promises. They got more than they expected and gave us their business and trust.

We pride ourselves on having built long-standing relationships with multiple generations of our customers. Our 100 years in business and our thousands of satisfied customers are a testament to the fact that we deliver what we promise and we stand behind our work.

15. Diverse and Top Product Selection

We offer the whole range of Thailand-made quality vehicles and offer both factory-original Right Hand Drive and factory-original Left Hand Drivevehicles. Because of our showroom in Singapore, England and Dubai and our office in Japan, New Zealand and Australia and presence in Japan and United States, we are able to provide you vehicles from almost all automotive hubs of the world.

We offer the best selection of any Thai auto exporter. Our financial muscle and buying ability allows us to buy only the top selection. Some exporters only sell Toyota Hilux Vigo and then they don’t either hold any in their stock and they buy it from your money or if they have it in stock it has been gathering dust for quite a few month. In the first case, your shipment is delayed and in the other instance you buy an aged vehicle. We sell not just Toyota Vigo but we sell all the popular brands as Toyota, Mitsubishi, Ford, Mazda, Nissan, GM, Honda and Isuzu and nearly all their product lines.

We also have the newest and hottest products for sale before our competitors. The 2012 model of Vigo was first exported by Jim Autos months ahead of our competitors.

16. Customer Delight

Customer Service has been the cornerstone of our business since our first founding in 1911 and remains one of our most cherished principles. Motoring industry is full of dealers who just want to sell a piece of metal for as much as they can get away with. They could not be bothered with whether it met your requirements or not. Whether you are buying just one vehicle or 100 we are committed to meeting your requirements and working within your budget and schedule. Jim Autos has no hard sells and no games and gimmicks to deceive you. We are with you for the long haul. Come grow with us and experience famed Quraishi hospitality. 

We started out by trying to be the best in the market not necessarily the biggest. Ironically, by focusing on being the best we end up becoming the biggest but without compromising on being world’s best auto exporter seeking customer delight.

17. The Best Quality and the best Selection

To achieve exceptional results in our people, for our customers, Jim Autos has focused on quality: Quality in our people, Quality in our processes, Quality in our services, quality in our vehicles and quality in our products.

As a company, our commitment to quality and value is even integrated into our compensation systems. One important difference between Jim Autos and its competitors is that our managers’ compensation is heavily weighted by the level of customer satisfaction he or she is able to produce. This applies to everyone from our top executives to our couriers.

Our company-wide dedication to quality first is unique in this industry. At Jim, we believe quality, value and satisfaction are inseparable. We are geared to deliver “More car for your money.” A Jim Quality vehicle sells the fastest and once a customer has experienced Jim Quality, he or she will come asking for Jim name. Jim branded accessories are preferred over some reputable brand not because of their price competitiveness but because of our meticulous attention to detail and quality.

18. Thailand’s largest e-Business

“He came, he saw and he conquered” was how one of our competitor put Mr. Jim’s
performance with Jim Autos which emerged from obscurity to dominate Thailand’s automotive scene as Thailand’s largest multi-brand dealership in the early 1980s.

We had always been big in the Asian auto exporting scene so our rapid rise in Thailand’s auto exporting scene was no surprise.

Then came Internet and everyone thought that Asia’s oldest auto exporter won’t be able to survive this new technology. But not only have we survived, we have thrived and Jim Autos ‘ spectacular rise has confounded its worst critics. In a matter of few months, we had become not just Thailand’s largest auto e-exporter but also its largest e-Business. Thai authorities were quick to realize Jim’s
contribution to developing e-Business in Thailand while bringing in hard needed foreign currency.

Thailand is known for four things: its natural beauty, its food, the quality of its diesel pickups and SUVs and you-know-what. We have some recipes of our favorite Thai dishes here and to get access to quality pickups as Toyota Hilux Vigo, Mitsubishi L200 Triton, Chevrolet Colorado, Ford Ranger, Mazda BT-50, Nissan Frontier, Isuzu DMax and SUVs as Isuzu MU-7 and Toyota Fortuner you just have to drop us an email at [email protected].

We have worked extremely hard to give you the most information to help you make a decision and our website is one of the most comprehensive websites around. You can rely on the information we provide.

19. Honesty, Integrity and Professionalism our Founding Values

As mentioned earlier, honesty was the foremost value guiding our Patriarch at the time he founded Quraishi Motors in 1911 and has remained a defining value for each succeeding generation. Honesty is not just a slogan but bound with how we view ourselves. Doing business with honesty and integrity is a matter of family honor and of keeping Quraishis’ 500 years reputation unsullied. We will always choose honesty over fast buck or a slow buck for that matter. Honesty, integrity and Professionalism have always been a part of our company’s philosophy.

We treat all of our customers like we want to be treated…fairly, honestly, with courtesy and respect…and with a sincere desire to help you achieve an unqualified success. You’ll be glad, you’re doing business with us.

Our reputation for integrity, honesty and fairness has been earned hard way one deal at a time, one century at a time and maintaining and enhancing this reputation is an obsession with each succeeding generation no matter what the economic circumstances and what the strength of inducement. Our communications and dealings with our manufacturers, suppliers, customers and team members are informed with the highest degree of honesty and integrity. We believe that it is our reputation for honesty and integrity that has made us a leader in our industry so maintaining this reputation is job 1 for each team member. 80% of our business is repeat and referral business and our honesty and integrity have contributed a lot to make this happen.

The concept of Professionalism has also been a part of Quraishi ethos, even though it was called Keeping Family Honor in mind, it includes integrity and honesty but extends to incorporate respect, accountability, responsibility, self-improvement, self-awareness, keeping lines of communication open, collaboration, altruism and advocacy. Learn more about Professionalism in our Professionalism page.

20. One Stop Solution

Jim Autos is your one-stop source for all your automotive needs. Our wholly owned subsidiaries in Singapore, England United Kingdom and Dubai, our offices in New Zealand, Australia and United States and Platinum Partners in all major automotive hubs allows us to provide vehicles of your choice from any market be it Right hand Drive or Left hand Drive, We provide full range of vehicles from cars to luxury vehicles, vans, minibus, pickup trucks, SUVs, MPVs, commercial trucks, buses and machinery.




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