2009 Mazda BT 50 Exterior

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2009 Mazda BT-50 Exterior

At Thailand’s top 4×4 pickup and 4×4 SUV dealer, Jim Autos Thailand new and used Mazda BT-50 are available right now at a fantastic discount. Its sturdy and beautiful exterior, luxurious interior and superb performance make it an ideal pickup. This is why it won 2007 ute of the year award by a leading Australian magazine. Its exterior is sporty and beautiful. Its beautiful alloy wheels add a look of sporty sophistication, its curves give it a sporty look. On the extended cab Freestyle rear-hinged doors gives convenient access to the back seating. Headlamps are beautiful and rear lamps are not just beautiful but also sporty while rear steps give easy access to rear step bumper.

Click here for overall Mazda BT-50 specifications. Its exterior is strong, curvy and stylish, its interior spacious and beautiful, its performance zippy and its safety complete.

Alloy Wheels

Available on selected models, the Mazda BT-50’s alloy wheels add a look of sporty sophistication to the vehicle. Just because it is an extremely capable work ute doesn’t mean it can’t look good also.

Body Shape

Clean and flowing curves create a body with a sophisticated and athletic expression. Not only does the BT-50 communicate a thoroughly modern feel but also hints at its hard working nature. From city street to worksite, from bush to beach, the BT-50 will never look out of place.

Freestyle Rear Doors

Offering unhindered access to the interior cabin the Freestyle BT-50 rear-hinged doors provide unparalleled convenience for the loading and unloading of passengers and luggage. It’s all about making your life easier.


Set in chrome housings with clear lens covers, the BT-50’s headlights are designed for a clean look, with multi-reflector and side indicator lamp mounted together. Front fog lamps are standard on SDX models providing superior vision in foggy conditions.

Rear step bumper

All pickups come with rear step bumper. Providing easy access into the rear tray, this feature makes lifting and loading to and from the tray a breeze.

Tail lamps

Set on either side of the utility tailgate, the large rear tail lamps are clearly visible both day and night, no matter the weather conditions. Not just practical, they make the rear of the BT-50 utes look great.


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