Nissan Navara Introduction

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Nissan Navara (also spelled Nissan Navarra) is a worldwide phenomenon and Nissan’s decision to begin making Nissan Navara in Thailandhad sent waves of joy in our customer base. And why not – Europe’s best selling pickup with same performance, styling and interior can now be acquired at a much lower price thanks to Jim Autos’ rock-bottom prices. Now that Nissan has decided to manufacture its Single Cab in Thailandwe expect the same wave of excitement that the release of Extra Cab Nissan Navara and Double Cab Navara had caused in 2007. You can drop us an email at [email protected] to acquire a brand new Nissan Navara from Jim Autos Thailand or to acquire either a nearly new or quality second hand Nissan Navara or Nissan Frontier from our second hand division Jim 4×4 Thailand. If you happen to be near Dubai, you can purchase your new or nearly new or used Nissan Frontier or Nissan Navara from Jim Autos Dubai. Email us now at [email protected] for 4×4 of your choice. Jim Autos Thailandis Thailand’s top Nissan Navara exporter and exports both RHD and LHD Nissan Navara.

2009 Nissan Navara is now in our showroom. Email us now with your order. We are also selling used 2008 and 2007 Nissan Navara. Please click here if you are looking for Nissan Navara specifications. We are not only Thailand’s largest exporter of Nissan Navara vehicles but also Nissan Navara parts and Nissan Navara accessories.

ThailandNissan Navara is just as good if not better than Nissan Navaras made in other plants but it is priced significantly lower in Thailandmarket, with Jim razor-thin profit margins Nissan Navara is a bargain. Here in Thailand, Nissan Navara is giving Toyota Hilux Vigo and Mitsubishi L200 Triton a run for its money some months. Nissan Navara has been the top seller in Europe for sometime now but now South Africa leading pickup magazine “Bakkie & Truck Action magazine” has declared Nissan Navara 2.5 DCI 4×4 as the Best Bakkie for 2007. European magazines are not far behind in extolling Navara – the Nissan Navara has been voted the ‘Pick-Up of the Year’ for the second year running in 4×4 magazine’s 2007 awards.  John Carroll, 4×4’s editor, commented: “The Navara is simply the best. … The reasons are simple: Nissan’s Navara provides the best combination of working truck practicality with everyday driving involvement. A strong, torquey turbodiesel, bold but not outlandish styling and a comfy interior scored higher than its rivals can match.”

Nissan’s Navara was the best-selling pick-up in Ireland, UK and Europe in 2006. It commanded an incredible 25 per cent of the European market for pick-ups. Navara unseated pickup segment leader Isuzu Dmax in 2006 and claimed 41.2% percent of the market relegating DMax to a distant second. Mitsubishi Triton’s recent introduction may change the market dynamics even further. These figures do not include the impact Jim Autos Dubai, Jim Autos Thailand and Jim Autos England United Kingdom had in the market by exporting Vigoes and Triton to the Emerald Isle.

In addition to the stunning Irish performance, the Navara is the best-selling pick up in markets such as Spain, France, Holland, Austria, Belgium, Poland, and Sweden.

Since its launch in June 2005 more than 60,000 European customers have found in Navara the perfect tool to work hard and play hard. By offering SUV levels of comfort, space and on-road dynamic performance for civilised weekend motoring, combined with super-tough characteristics for a hard-working Monday-Friday lifestyle, the Navara has given customers the option of owning a pick up which doesn’t compromise their daily lives.

The combination of SUV qualities and pick up utility offered by the Navara has raised the stakes in this competitive segment. It is therefore no surprise that orders have begun poring in from the UK and the Southern African region and the Caribbean region is not far behind. From early signs, Navara promises to be another Vigo. Vigo had caused similar customer interest worldwide as Navara has now.

Power to break free!

The latest evolution of an indestructibly robust range of Nissan vehicles, the Navara draws on a 50 year heritage of engine building expertise, muscling to the front of its class for pure power performance.

The second generation 2.5 litre common rail turbo diesel engine uses a variable nozzle turbo and intercooler to produce an awesome 128kW of power and 403Nm of torque. Which means that the Navara not only outperforms all of its rivals, but it can also carry 971kg while towing up to 3 000kg. This impressive power unit comes standard on the Navara 4WD with a 6 speed manual transmission – a first in its category. A 106kW, 356Nm torque version is available for the Navara 2WD.

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