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Why Service Regularly

Why regular servicing is important Regular servicing can extend the life of your vehicle by identifying defects before they become dangerous. A small investment in routine servicing results in a good return on that investment due to: Reduced cost of repairs over the vehicle’s life, Reducing unforeseen and possible breakdown risks, Reduced vehicle time off […]

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What makes a 4wd

What makes a 4WD a 4WD? Four wheel drive vehicles come in all shapes, sizes and body styles with different types of features and equipment. However, there are several basic functions that all 4WDrives have in common. Drive-train A 4WD can be a permanent 4WD, part-time 4WD or both. An example of a permanent 4WD

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Tune up by replacing maintenance parts regularly

Tune up Tuneup – an old-fashioned maintenance term that’s nearly non-existent today. With electronic ignition and fuel injection came computers that took over control of engine settings. Early versions allowed for some tinkering, but today’s engines require advanced equipment and training. You can, however, replace normal maintenance parts and still see improved engine performance. Here

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Troubleshooting Auto Transmission

TROUBLESHOOTING BASIC AUTOMATIC TRANSMISSION PROBLEMS Given proper maintenance and care, the automatic transmission will provide many miles of trouble-free operation. Most minor problems can be traced to fluid level; maintaining the proper fluid level will avoid these problems. Keeping alert to changes in the operation of the transmission (different shifting patterns, abnormal sounds, fluid leakage)

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Tire Safety Tips by Thailand’s, Singapore’s, England United Kingdom’s and Dubai’s Top New and Used Car Dealer and Thailand’s largest Accessories, Rims, Wheels and Tire Exporter These 10 tips will help to keep your tires in good shape and keep you and your family safe during your travels:  Choose your tires carefully. Too many drivers

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