Ford Ranger 2009 Awards Milestones

Ford Ranger 2009 Awards and Milestones : Ranger 2009 available at Thailand, Dubai, Singapore and England United Kingdom top 4×4 4×4 pickup SUV dealer importer exporter

Ford Ranger Awards and Milestones

  • 1998, launched as Thailand’s first-ever safety pick-up truck.
  • 1999, awarded “Best 4WD Pick-up” by Grand Prix magazine
  • 2000, became Thailand’s first 4-door pick-up.
  • 2000, became Thailand’s first pick-up to pass the stringent EURO STEP 2 emission standard.
  • 2000-2001, named “Thailand’s Best Pick-up Truck” by the world-acclaimed J.D. Power Asia Pacific and Association.
  • 2001, awarded “Best 4-door Pick-up” by Grand Prix magazine.
  • 2003, became Thailand’s first Open Cab pick-up.

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