Mitsubishi L200 Strada Performance

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Mitsubishi L200 Strada Performance

Feel the power. Know the difference.

A broad choice of available engines makes it easy to select the power package that suits your needs. For powerful performance that’s as well-suited to leisure as it is to your workload, the Intercooled Turbocharged diesel version offers a balance of power and comfort through maximized torque at low rpm. There are also normally aspirated diesel models that deliver plenty of torque for everyday driving. Whichever model you select, and whatever your needs, the L200 has the power to satisfy.

Engine line-up

A choice of three diesel engines comprising the 2.5-liter engine with or without an intercooled turbocharger and the 2.8-liter intercooled, turbocharged engine. The 2.8-liter model comes equipped with 4-speed automatic transmission, while all models blend impressive torque with high power and economic performance.

Built to work. Bred to rally.

The hard-working L200 inherits all the handling brilliance of Mitsubishi’s long line of rallying champions. So it’s more than ready to take on the toughest jobs you can throw at it. And when the work’s done, rally-proven Easy Select 4WD will gladly take you and your off-road friends wherever your adventurous spirit leads you.

Easy Select 4WD

(Double Cab 4WD 2.5 Intercooled Turbocharged Diesel only) Enabling smooth control from the comfort of the driver’s seat, this 4WD system uses three transfer modes to deliver high-speed driving comfort and ensure superior traction on a variety of challenging surfaces. When conquering the roughest terrain, shift between 4H and 4L only with the L200 fully stopped. You can shift on the fly between 2H and 4H at speeds of up to 100km/h, thanks to the free-wheel front differential.

Part-time 4WD

Designed especially for the practical L200 user, this Part-time 4WD system handles heavy-duty workloads with easy maintenance. The driver is required to stop the car and manually engage/disengage 4WD.

4 -speed automatic transmission

(2.8-liter Intercooled Turbocharged Diesel only) The 4A/T features a hold mode button for even smoother performance.

Front double-wishbone & rear rigid leaf-spring suspensions

The front suspension provides responsive handling, greater stability and enhanced riding comfort. The rear suspension offers the benefit of wider tracks that provide greater stability, especially during cornering.


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