Mitsubishi L200 Triton Engine

Mitsubishi Triton : Mitsubishi L200 DID Engine by Jim Autos Thailandand Dubai :: Thailand’s Largest L200 Triton RHD and LHD Vehicle, Parts and Accessories Exporter :: Exporting Toyota Vigo, Mitsubishi L200 Triton and Toyota Fortuner

Mitsubishi Triton L200 Engine Performance

Mitsubishi Triton offer Dynamic Power of Choice. The L200 Triton offers a unique balance of power, torque and efficiency to answer the needs of high-performance enjoyment and off-road ruggedness.

Mitsubishi Triton DI-D Engine has top performance

Mitsubishi 2500 cc engine offers top performance

Mitsubishi Triton L200 offers top performing Intercooler Mitsubishi L200 Triton DOHC 16 valve arrangement creates a more complete fuel and air mixture into the chamber and a flow through intake and exhaust Mitsubishi L200 Triton turbocharger boosts air intake pressure to produce more power from each stroke

Mitsubishi Triton Intercooler

The Triton intercooler has been repositioned from the top of the engine to in front of the radiator for improved air-cooling performance

Mitsubishi Triton DOHC 16-valve layout

The DOHC 16-valve arrangement is designed to create a more complete fuel/air mixture into the combustion chamber and a steady flow through intake and exhaust for constant high performance. The precisely balanced roller rocker arms and scissor gears provide exact valve timing for more powerful combustion

Mitsubishi Triton Turbocharger

The turbo system adds an impressive boost to air intake pressure, producing more power from each cylinder stroke


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