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alloy Chrome and Steel Wheels have become a sign of elegance on vehicles around the world. On vehicles from your favorite 4×4 Toyota Hilux Vigo all the way up to the Bentley Arnage, a simple addition of alloy wheels and tires adds a sense of style and sophistication that no other modification can achieve. Alloy and rims can improve the look of your 4×4 in a jiffy turning your ordinary vehicle into an extraordinary ride. We  supply quality alloy wheels of the highest quality at lowest price in the world. Jim is recognized as the top resource of quality alloy wheels and known for providing the best selection of alloys from not only Lenso but a range of recognized and not-so-recognized but top quality alloy wheels. Jim is Number 1 choice for 4×4 Alloy Wheels. We also offer accessories for alloy wheels as nuts, bolts, colored valves, colored valve sleeves, flush fit valves, and a range of other products. We also offer all kinds of hubcaps, wheel covers as well as OEM and aftermarket center caps. We also carry the largest selection of aftermarket rim and wheel accessories for your 4×4.

Jim customers are happy customersWhether you need to replace just one hubcap, wheelcover, rim or wheel, or if you want a whole new look, with our aftermarket hubcap sets we have the resources to assist you with whatever you need.

Please keep in mind when ordering hubcaps, wheelcovers and wheels, industry standard goes by tire size. If you have 14″ tires, you need a 14″ wheel, hubcap or wheelcover. Most of our customers want to upgrade to a larger size rim combination.

Since we have been around since 1911 we have seen wheels go through many phases all for the better. In the 70s mag wheels cost a fortune and the biggest size rim you could get was 16 inch and you had to take a second mortgage on your house to get it, now they come standard on Vigo and other 4x4s. Now even 26 inch rims are quite inexpensive but the highest size rims most of our customers buy are 22 inch rims. Our prices are a fraction of the prices charged by authorized dealers in your country. Check the dealer prices in your country first and then contact us. Email us now at [email protected] to upgrade your wheels.

It is important to keep you alloys clean, here are some tips.

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