Thailand top car exporter to Pakistan

 Jim Autos Thailand – Thailand’s largest car exporter to Pakistan

Thailand, Australia, UK, Japan and Dubai top car exporter to Pakistan
Thailand, Australia, UK, Japan and Dubai top car exporter to Pakistan

Thailand, United Kingdom, Australia and Japan car exporter to Japan offers the highest quality vehicle at best prices in town. The Jim Group as Asia’s oldest auto dealership group and exporter has been serving customers all over the world since 1911 but since Asia is our base, our activity here has been of even greater standing. We have been active in Pakistan since 1950s and have both exported to and imported in vehicles. Even though we are most known for being Thailand’s largest exporter to Pakistan. Jim Autos Thailand dominate the sale of new Toyota Hilux Revo and other 4x4s while our used car division Jim 4×4 Thailand excels in sale of nearly new and used Toyota Hilux Vigo and Toyota Hilux Tiger. Very few people are aware that we are also Australia’s largest car exporter to Pakistan and we also export a lot of Japanese and UK luxury vehicles to Pakistan. Email us now at [email protected] to get a vehicle of your dream or of your clients’ dream be it a 4×4 pickup, 4×4 SUV, large truck, sedan, passenger vehicle, bus or any vehicle or equipment you can manage.

We are exporting to over 100 countries in the world, no matter where you are located and what your automotive requirement is, Right Hand Drive or Left Hand Drive, Thailand origin, Singapore origin, Japanese origin, UK origin, South African origin, Australian origin or Dubai, we can get it to you cheaper than anyone else.

Any Pakistani can import new vehicles but only Overseas Pakistanis can import used vehicles as long as non-commercial vehicles are no older than 3 years old and commercial vehicles no older than 5 years and are either a) Transfer of residence b) Gift or c)Personal Baggage.

Import Policy

The new import policy announced in 2006 allows the import of three year old used cars instead of two years old for the Overseas Pakistanis. Procedure for importing a used car is now very simple in Pakistan.

The rulesand regulations governing import of vehicles have been amended as follows :

  • Under the gift and personal baggage schemes, vehicles up to three years old will now be importable.
  • Under the gift scheme brothers and sisters will also be eligible, besides the parents, husband, wife and children.
  • It will no longer be required that the vehicle be registered in the name of the Pakistani national prior to its import under the personal baggage or transfer of residence scheme.
  • Overseas Pakistanis holding Pakistan origin card will also be eligible to import vehicles under the gift, personal baggage and transfer of residence scheme. These cards are issued to Pakistanis opting for citizenship of another country or those carrying green cards like in the United States.
  • Import of cars is allowed in four categories. All Pakistanis can import new cars while only overseas Pakistanis can import used cars.
  • Under baggage rules for overseas Pakistanis, imports of used and new cars are permitted on transfer of residence, gift to immediate relatives and for stay abroad extending beyond six months. New rules simplify procedures for these categories and remove impediments, which had resulted in many malpractices, Hamayun said. The restriction of ownership of a used car has been done away with and the overseas Pakistanis can buy a used car from the market, which is less than three years old.
  • Under gift scheme an expatriate would now be able to send the gift to brothers and sisters as well besides parents, wife and children.
  • Since left-hand drive system is in vogue in most parts of the world as against right hand in Pakistan, the ownership restriction has been dropped to facilitate import of right hand drive cars from whatever sources these are available.
  • The government, prior to the new measures taken in the Trade Policy 2005-06, increased the depreciation allowance on used car imports to two from one per cent in the budget 2005-06. This was designed to bridge the demand and supply gap of about 40,000 cars, which the local industry has failed to meet despite doubling production capacities.

Customs duties on used vehicles

All used vehicles imported in the country are subjected to duties based on car’s engine size. Here are the customs duties imposed on vehicles imported in the country.

For cars

Engine Displacement 2012(25%) 2013(13%) 2014(1%) 2015(0%)
660cc 362,160 420,106 478,051 482,880
1000cc 452,700 525,132 597,564 603,600
1300cc 905,400 1,050,264 1,195,128 1,207,200
1500cc 1,275,105 1,479,122 1,683,139 1,700,140
1800cc 1,916,430 2,223,059 2,529,688 2,555,240

Custom Duty For Jeeps/Vans

Engine Displacement 2010 (49%) 2011 (37%) 2012 (25%) 2013 (13%) 2014 (1%)
660cc 246,269 304,214 362,160 1,916,430 478,051
1000cc 307,836 380,268 452,700 525,132 597,564
1300cc 615,672 760,536 905,400 1,050,264 1,195,128
1500cc 867,071 1,071,088 1,275,105 1,479,122 1,683,139
1800cc 1,303,172 1,609,801 1,916,430 2,223,059 2,529,688

Custom Duty For Hybrids

Engine Displacement 2012(25%) 2013(13%) 2014(1%) 2015(0%)
1500cc 637,553 739,561 841,569 850,070
1800cc 958,215 1,111,529 1,264,844 1,277,620

For 100 years we have established our name for providing unparalleled customer service, top quality vehicles, quick delivery, best possible price with honesty, integrity and professionalism. Experience the Jim Difference now!

Pakistan car import FAQ

This page provides information on frequently asked questions on the import and export of cars to Pakistan. Some of this information may be dated.

1) Can any overseas Pakistani national who is living abroad import a vehicle to Pakistan?

A: Every national living abroad can, depending on if they fulfill the conditions of the The Import Trade and Procedure Order 2000, can import a vehicle.

However, there are several exceptions. These are
a) students abroad who get money from Pakistan
b) members of the families of Pakistani nationals who are do not earn a wage
c) anyone who has already imported or exported a vehicle within the last two years.

This policy is often changed at the end of each financial year so please check with the latest version.

What kind of vehicles or cars can you import into Pakistan under the Personal Baggage/Gift Scheme and TR Scheme?

A) You can import any vehicle which is new under 2 years old. This includes Cars, Buses, Vans, Trucks, Pickups and 4×4 vehicles.

For vehicles which are over two years old you can import them under the TR Scheme as per Import Trade and Procedure Order, 2000.

How can an overseas Pakistani bring a new car on his return to Pakistan?

A) A Pakistani national living abroad for the last seven months, and who has lived abroad for 180 days during that time, can import a new car under the Import Trade and Procedure Order, 2000.

If he or she imports a 4×4 vehicle, or one which has an engine capacity of 1800cc and above, he or she will have to pay customs duty and other taxes in foreign exchange.

What is the procedure of importing a vehicle in baggage and what are the documents that will be required?

A) Your must have been abroad for at least 180 days to be eligible for the import of a vehicle.

If you have an old or used vehicle then it must be registered in your name for at least 60 days before you return to Pakistan.

You will need to show the following documents to Customs Authorities upon import of the car in Pakistan:

1. Purchase receipt of the vehicle.
2. Bill of lading
3. Photocopy of passport duly attested by the Embassy / Consulate of Pakistan abroad.
4. The registration documents in case of used vehicles.

The way to actually import the vehicle and clear it with customs is as follows:

In Karachi, goto the Custom House first floor and find the Group-VIII of Appraisement Collectorate office.

Give the documents mentioned above to the import authorization cell along with your original passport.

Here the staff will give you a free import authorization form. After filling the form return it to them along with the documents which are then submitted to Deputy / Assistant Collector in charge of Group-VIII for approval /signature.

After approval of the import authorization form, the original documents are given back. The vehicle is cleared after paying relevant duty and taxes and filing a bill of entry through the Customs approved clearing agent.

You may also do this at customs houses in Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad, Sialkot, Quetta, Hyderabad, Rawalpindi and Peshawar.

What if I can’t pay the duty, taxes for my car? Can I send my car back?

A) This is a very difficult situation. Basically the car will be seized by customs and sent to auction. However, you can get the money back from customs after the sale, minus the duty, taxes and other charges which were assessed on the car.

There is one option for returning the car. If you can get a NOC from Ministry of Commerce and State Bank of Pakistan then the car will be released and can then be returned to the country of export.

My [brother] studied overseas for one year is now coming back after finishing. Can he bring a car?

A: A student who is getting financial support from Pakistan is not able to import a under Import Trade and Procedure Order, 2006. If the student, in this case a hypothetical brother, is not getting any money from Pakistan and the vehicle is bought from his own earnings abroad he can import it under the Rules.

We have a foreign national working in our company on a contract basis. Can he bring a car along with him?

A: Yes, a non privileged foreign national who comes to Pakistan on a specific contract of service with any local and foreign firm or with a Government or semi-Government Authority in Pakistan can bring a car as personal baggage. The vehicle can only be released on production of employer’s contract (service certificate) and on payment of custom duty and other taxes.

I am returning from abroad after a two month stay? Can I bring a car or any other vehicle as part of my baggage?

A: The minimum stay for importing a vehicle in baggage is 180 days, therefore as your stay is only 60 days you cannot import a vehicle under the Import Trade and Procedure.

My [brother] stayed in the UK for 8 months. Can he bring a car? If yes, what types can he import?

A: Yes, your brother is able to bring one vehicle under the Import Trade and Procedure, but the used vehicle must not be more than five years old (from the date of entry into Pakistan) under baggage scheme.

A five year old vehicle is one which is made five years before the date of import, e.g. you can import a vehicle manufactured in June, 2000 up to the June of 2005.

My relative is returning after more than 180 days away but he does not know how to bring a car back as baggage. What documents will be required, and what is the procedure?

A: He is entitled to import one new or up to five years old vehicle, if he is returning after 180 days from the date of departure from Pakistan to the date of arrival in Pakistan according to the current Import Policy of 2006.

He is has to complete form CR-PB/G and give the following documents to Customs Authorities.

(i) Purchase receipt of the vehicle.

(ii) Bill of lading (this document is issued by the shipping company at the time of booking of the vehicle for Pakistan).

(iii) Photocopy of full passport duly attested by the Embassy / Consulate of Pakistan abroad.

I have been abroad for more than 3 years and want to gift a vehicle to my family. How can I do this?

A: You can gift a vehicle to your family which includes parents, sisters, brother, husband, wife and children above the age of eighteen.

The car, however, should not be more than five years old and your stay abroad shall at least be 700 days during the past three years.

The gift can only be made to a family member residing in Pakistan. You are required to fill a gift undertaking and earning certificate form which will be duly attested by the Pakistan Mission. You will also need

1. Purchase receipt (Invoice of vehicle);
2. Gift undertaking form attested by the Mission which should not be more than six months old;
3. Earning certificate attested by the Mission;
4. Attested photocopy of full passport attested by the Mission;
5. Bill of Lading (showing name and address of consignee); and
6. NIC of Donee.



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