Top Ten Reasons for buying a Pickup Truck

Top Ten Reasons to buy a Pickup Truck

A pickup truck is a light truck with an enclosed cab and an open body with low sides and tailgate. The word pickup was first used to refer to a truck used to pick up light load like lumber and feed and deliver it to its destination and the definition is still apt to this day. Different worldwide branches of Jim Autos may sell a variety of vehicles but all our branches and offices be they in Thailand, Singapore, Dubai, England United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia or United States always sell pickup trucks and SUVs. It is pickup trucks and SUVs that have contributed most to our good name and we are known worldwide for being the pickup truck guys.

Pickup trucks are a lot of fun to drive and own but here are some reasons why there are so many pickup trucks owners who have made Jim Autos as world’s largest car exporter. Here are ten reasons:

  1. Macho Image: A pickup truck screams machismo and projects a certain kind of persona;
  2. Ideal Outdoor Vehicle: It is the ideal vehicle for an outdoor person and equally comfortable in city roads, forests,  mines, farms, construction sites and any outdoor location. You will not take your car to a trek in the mountains or for a picnic in rough terrain. Trucks help create and maintain infrastructures and they come handy in most of Asian and Africa with poor road infrastructure;
  3. Have Fun Off-Roading: You cannot go offroading in a sedan, you can go offroad in a 4×4 pickup truck only as  good pickup truck like Toyota Hilux Vigo can handle most difficult of terrains;
  4. Carry your Fun Along: With a tow or trailer hitch behind your pickup truck you can tow your yacht or trailer to your fun destination. Separate bed allows chassis to flex allowing pickup trucks to carry
  5. Great in Inclement Weather: In flash floods, rain or snow storm or hail you would rather be in a pickup truck than any other vehicle;
  6. Hauling Ability: Pickup truck comes handy when you have to move light or heavy loads or tow a vehicle for yourself or family or friends. No matter what you or your friends purchase you don’t have to worry about expensive transportation charges, you can haul furniture, appliances and other household stuff yourself for free;
  7. Turn Heads: Our high-class accessories not only turn heads wherever you go making you the envy of the Joneses’ but also stretch the capabilities of your pickup trucks. Accessories like front bull bar, chrome accessories, teakwood dash, roof rack, rollbar, canopy, superlids and tollboxes reshape the beauty and functionality of the vehicle;
  8. Luxury haulers: Early pickup trucks were short on creature comforts as they were made for real men who liked to rough it. Modern pickup trucks like Toyota Hilux Vigo, Mitsubishi L200 Triton, Nissan Navara, VW Amarok are luxurious vehicles with all comforts of a car but with offroading, hauling and towing capabilities;
  9. Crash Survivability: They survive worst of crashes with minor scratches as they are made with strong metals and their boxed platforms are made to take a lot of punishment, their high seating and weight provides greater safety in any crash. Addition of front and rear bullguards provide further safety. Pickup trucks used to be notorious when it came to prevent accidents but newer Active Safety features as ABS Electronic Brake Distribution (EBD) provide;
  10. Powerful Engine: Pickup trucks come with powerful engines with a lot of torque and horsepower that can carry heavy loads without compromising on speed and ride handling;


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