Toyota Hilux Vigo Features

Toyota Hilux Vigo Feature set

Toyota Hilux Vigo 2009 minor change model as well as the earlier Toyota Hilux Vigo model released in late 2004 and available in 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2008 had rich feature set from its elegant sexy aerodynamic design to its super performance to its great comfort and luxury to its security capabilities.

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Styling to The Perfect Styling Philosophy

The overriding concept behind the new Hilux is “style in motion”, represented by its rounded cylindrical shapes, rugged contours and form– dramatically lowering aerodynamics of cd=0.37, making for less noise and better fuel efficiency. Its unique styling features are evident in its aggressive look and wedge-shaped waistline and rounded door contours. Here are some of its distinctive styling features:

Large multi-reflector headlamps

Large multi-reflector halogen lamps contributes to its brawny yet sleek appeal. It also distributes illumination in along wide pattern, contributing to excellent visibility at night

Fog Lamps

Round multi-reflector foglamps add to the Hilux’s sporty image

Chrome Grip Type Door Handles

Chrome Grip Type Door Handles are sleek and easy-to-use, adding a permium yet subtle touch to the New Hilux Vigo


Chrome sidesteps allow for easier entry and exit to and from the vehicle, aside from adding to the handsome appearance of the weekend warrior’s new vehicle

15″ Alloy Wheels

The new Vigo’s rugged exterior is further defined by its 15-inch alloy wheels, providing a commanding hold on all types of terrain

Rear Combinaton Lamps

The bright rear combination lamps, together with a high-mount stop lamp integrated into the tailgate, provide following drivers with a clear view


Double-wall deck – The deck sides employ a double-wall structure for excellent durability and resistance to corrosion.

High –tensile steel body panels – The doors, fenders and various outer panels are comprised of high-tensile steel that raises cabin rigidity while reducing overall weight.

Body reinforcement – Rigidity has been maximized through efficient reinforcement at strategic locations throughout the body.

Anti-corrosion measures – Galvanised steel panels are extensively used in the floor, doors and other parts of the body. Together with an anti-chip coating, these panels help prevent rust and corrosion.

Comfort and Luxury

Whether driving long distances or just around town, the Hilux delivers a high level of rigid comfort that extends to all occupants. Your family and friends will enjoy the gently supportive seats, conveniently positioned cup holders, and generous interior space. Moulded door trim and roof lining provide an added dash of luxury that reflects Toyota’s uncompromising approach to cabin comfort.

Through relentless studies on the way drivers move their eyes and hands, Toyota created a truly functional, ergonomic cockpit. The instrument panel features large meters positioned for easy viewing, switches intelligently grouped within natural reach, and thick three-spoke urethane steering wheel that optimizes your grip of easier operation.

To help secure the best driving position for drivers of different builds, the steering wheel is tilt-adjustable and the seats feature sliding and reclining functions. All seats on the Double Cab separate-seat model can be folded to create a full-flat configuration. Thanks to ample noise dampening and sound prevention measures, including asphalt sheeting at critical areas in the front floor, the Hilux cabin is tranquility itself.

The overall interior design concept is a combination of car-like features that exceeds pick-up standards—large dimensions to provide better seating comfort for driver and passenger, elegance and sophistication with its interior 2-tone color coordinated design.

Adjustable 4-Spoke Steering Wheel

The sporty 4-spoke steering wheel tilts based on the driver’s preference. The four spoke feature gives the impression of a sporty image

Vertical Height Adjuster

A vertical height adjuster for the driver seat gives various options for driving positions in order to get a better view of the road ahead

Bottle Holders

The New Vigo also incorporates bottle holders in the center console (near the hand brake) and along the doors


Cupholders are conveniently located along the aircon vents and on the rear center console

Storage Spaces

Versatile storage spaces are widely distributed within the Vigo’s interiors and beneath the foldable rear seats

Sunglass Case

Your eyewear is within reach with a sunglass compartment with integrated map lamps place in front of the rear view mirror

Power Controls

The master controls for the power windows are located along the armrest of the driver’s door. The driver’s window is equipped with a one-touch auto-down function

Audio System

The audio system boosts your driving pleasure. It features a 2-DIN radio, in-dash CD, cassette, and MP3 player with 6 speakers

Two-tone Interior Color Scheme

The two-tone color, distinctive flowing lines and strong form of the instrument panel add to the feeling of modern sophistication

Performance to The Perfect Power & Control

Diesel engine perfection unfolds with the fusion of raw power and precise measurements in a vehicle meant to rule the roads of the world. Under the hood throbs Toyota’s latest Common-rail diesel engine with Variable Nozzle Turbo Intercooler. Compared to previous diesel engine models, the Common-rail engine is able to supply high pressurized injections at all speed levels, controlled by a 32-bit ECU. The result is better combustion coupled with less vibration and noise in both dynamic engine displacements of 3.0L with Turbo Intercooler and the 2.5L variant.

An equally powerful and efficient gasoline engine with a displacement of 2.7 Liter, Variable Valve Timing with Intelligence (VVT-i) technology is also available. Whatever roads you take, the Hilux can take on the challenge. Here are some specifics defining its superior performance:

The part-time 4WD

The part-time 4WD varies the torque distribution automatically and instantly in response to driving conditions, contributing to excellent vehicle stability

Double Wishbone Front Suspension

Double Wishbone Front Suspension features coil springs which provide good wheel stroke. It is a significant contributor to the outstanding ride comfort and handling

Rear Suspension

The rear suspension is a rigid axle type. The leaf springs and the damping force of the shock absorbers are optimally tuned to provide excellent stability, control and flat ride comfort

High-Rigidity Frame Structure

The high-rigidity frame structure provides a strong platform for the Vigo’s rugged performance. Use of CAE (Computer Aided Engineering) to optimise the body structure helped to reduce noise and vibration, and contributes to excellent stability and control


3.0 litre VN Tubo Diesel with InterCooler
163Ps/3400 rpm
343 Nm/1400-3200 rpm


2.5-litre Turbo Diesel
102 Ps/ 3600 rpm
200 Nm/ 1400-3400 rpm


2.7-litre VVT-i engine
160 Os/5200rpm
241 Nm/ 3800 rpm

Safety to The Perfect Sanctuary

Toyota’s philosophy toward safety is mirrored in the Hilux. . Power without compromising safety is an ideal, which Toyota adheres to. For the new Hilux, perfect power deserves a perfect refuge. Numerous advanced features and technologies in the Hilux help enhance safety from an active and passive point of view. They are designed to prevent accidents and minimize injury to the driver and passengers in any given extreme situation.

Passive Safety

In an unlikely case of an accident, many features in the Hilux help minimize damage to the cabin and maximize passenger protection.

Crash Safety Body – The Hilux incorporates front crumple zones that help absorb impact energy in a frontal collision, and a high integrity cabin structure that dissipates impact energy into the entire body.

3-point ELR Seatbelts – 3 point ELR seatbelts are fitted in the front seats and 3-point ELR-ALR seatbelts in the rear seats. 2-point seatbelts are fitted on the centre seats in some models. The seatbelts are equipped with an Emergency Locking Reactor, which locks and rewinds the seatbelts when a predetermined load is exceeded (2 –point seatbelts at center seats).

Energy-absorbing (EA) steering column – In the event of a frontal impact, Toyota’s EA Steering column absorbs secondary impact to minimize injury to the driver.

Side impact door beams – Reinforcement beams inside the door panels provide resistance and help disperse energy from side collisions. They reduce door intrusion to the cabin during a side impact

Fuel tank – The fuel tank is positioned within the frame to hope protect it from damage.

Active Safety

Toward helping the driver relax and concentrate on the road, the Hilux offers an excellent view and switches strategically positioned to minimize disturbances.

Child protector – The rear doors cannot be opened from inside the cabin while the vehicle is moving.

Brake system – High-performance front disc brakes are standard on all models. A brake booster reduces the amount of pedal pressure needed for efficient braking, while blend valves automatically adjust rear braking in relation to the amount of load. The Hilux also features Toyota’s dual brake system, which helps ensure effective braking at all times.

Other Safety Features

TVSS – The TVSS (Toyota Vehicle Security System) ensures the drive peace of mind as well as keyless entry

Anti-Flood Feature – Anti-flood features such as repositioned intake vent prevent water from entering and damaging the engine

Collapsible Steering Column – This feature ensures the safety of the drive as it collapses inward and away from the driver in times of frontal impact

G.O.A. (Global Outstanding Assessment) body – The crash safety body is comprised of a high integrity cabin with a front crumple zone. The Vigo also incorporate a compatibility body structure which focus on reducing the damage to smaller cars in a collision

Safety and GOA

The body is built to Toyota’s own Global Outstanding Assessment (GOA) standards, which meet all and exceed many of the safety requirements laid down by the relevant authorities in Japan, the United States, Europe and Australia. What it means for the customer is peace of mind, knowing that safety and build quality is a given. Vigo is equipped with enough security to qualify for the UK Thatcham-1 rating, with an engine immobiliser, anti-tow sensor, hyper-frequency sensor (to detect cabin intrusion) and a back-up battery for the siren.

The Toyota Hilux has already proved its ability to cope with the toughest conditions worldwide and has become one of the world’s best selling pick-ups, with nearly 12 million sold globally since launch. This legendary durability was put to the test for the BBC’s Top Gear programme, where the Hilux survived trial by fire, flood, tumbling tower block and deadly caravan.

Load Carrying Ability

The Hilux Vigo is not compromised in its load-carrying ability, it has a gross vehicle weight of 2,780kg. It is a workhouse in factories and farms all around the world. Farmers in South Africa, Namibia, Angola and Pakistan are as satisfied with their Hiluxes exported by Jim Autos, as are small business owners in UK, Norway, Denmark, Spain and Latin America.

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