Vigo Extra Cab Highlights

Highlights of Toyota Vigo Extra Cab

  • D4D Common-rail Direct Injection engine, 2nd Generation, 2500 cc turbo with inter cooler, 120 HP power at 3600 RPM with highest torque of 325 newton-meter at 2000 RPM

  • With the GOA structure, well-designed pillars and roof, the bumping force will be decreased to protect the driver and passenger (s)
  • Immobilizer key to prevent any use of artificial key
  • Front fog lamp to enhance the driving vision while raining or fogging
  • Alloy wheels sized 6JJ x 15
  • Multi-reflector front lamps – enhancing the night driving vision
  • Multi-reflector rear lamps – illuminating even in the far distance
  • Modern 3D console panel – luxurious & comfortable
  • Reverse air-conditioning system switch 

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