Why Diesel Pick up Truck

Why Diesel Pickup Trucks are Better than Petrol Gasoline Pick-up Trucks from Thailand’s top Pickup Truck Dealer Exporter

Jim Autos Thailand as Thailand’s top pick up truck dealer and exporter, Jim Autos Singapore is Singapore’s top pick-up truck dealer and exporter, Jim Autos Dubai is Dubai’s top Left Hand Drive dealer and exporter while Jim Autos United Kingdom is England UK’s top dealer and exporter. Thailand is the hub for diesel pickup trucks and over 95% of our pickup exports are of diesel pick up trucks. Here are some reasons why diesel is becoming so popular.

Why Diesel Vehicles are superior to Petrol Vehicles

 It seems that oil prices just keeps rising and rising just as world economy is declining. This means that we need the right fuel. There are three reasons to switch to diesel today:

  1. Diesel Engines offer greater Fuel Economy: Diesel Engines are over 50% more fuel efficient than Petrol Gasoline engines. Diesel engine’s higher compression ratios and lean-burn combustion provide an efficiency that no Petrol engine can currently match and since Diesel engine technology is always one step ahead this trend is likely to continue. Thermodynamic efficiency of a diesel engine is at least 15% better while diesel fuel has 14% more energy by volume than petrol adding to the fuel efficiency
  2. Diesel Engines offer greater Torque: Diesel engines provide twice the torque of a Petrol engine especially in the pickups. This is why they can carry much heavier loads without suffering a beat. The greater torque is possible because longer lever of a diesel piston achieves greater torque in one revolution than a petrol engine would in multiple revolutions. Lower RPM translates in greater torque so if you are going uphill with a large load you would rather be in a diesel pick up truck than a gasoline one
  3. Diesel Engine Last Long: Diesel engine last two to three times longer than a Petrol Engine

More than ever diesel pickup trucks make ever more sense.

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