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Jim Autos is not only world’s largest supplier of 4×4 vehicles but also world’s largest wholesaler of quality 4×2 and 4×4 spare parts and 4×2 and 4×4 pickups, SUV and MPV accessories. We also carry accessories for cars, jeeps and trucks. An email at [email protected] is all you need to get the vehicles, parts and accessories you need.

Right accessory can make all the difference between a so-s0 vehicle and a cool ride. We transform your vehicle so it will stand out from the crowd and make you look good. You have discovered the best place to buy accessories as we offer the highest quality accessories at the lowest price in the world. Attention Jeep, pickup, SUV, MPV and 4 wheel drive truck owners: Jim can provide you with quality 4×4 accessories and rugged parts bumper to bumper, top to shocks.

What follows is a small sample of accessories we offer. We are Thailand, Dubai, Singapore and England United Kingdom ‘s oldest and largest auto and accessory exporters. We are world’s largest provider of 4×4 vehicles as Toyota Hilux Vigo, Toyota Fortuner, and Mitsubishi Triton. We are also a leading exporter of Chevrolet Colorado, Nissan Navara, Isuzu DMax, Mazda BT-50 and Ford Ranger. We also offer accessories for BMW and other high end vehicles. We have a range of Toyota Hilux Vigo 4×4 accessories, Toyota Hilux 4×4 accessories, Toyota Hilux Tiger 4×4 accessories, Mitsubishi L200 Triton 4×4 accessories, Nissan Navara 4×4 accessories, Nissan Frontier 4×4 accessories, Ford Ranger 4×4 accessories, Chevy Colorado 4×4 accessories, Isuzu Dmax 4×4 accessories, Isuzu MU-7 4×4 accessories, Toyota Fortuner 4×4 accessories, Mazda BT-50 accessories, Mazda Fighter accessories.

We have all kinds of 4×4 Accessories, lights, Tyres & more. We have Truck Bed Covers, Bed Liners, Tonneau Covers, Aluminium Bed Liners, Bull Bars, Nudge Bars, Rear Bars, Roof Bars, Side Steps, A Bars, Wheel Arch Flares, Spotlights, Carpet Liners and more for all 4×4, Pickup & SUV. We also offer Toyota Hilux aftermarket performance parts and accessories.

We also manufacture Jim -branded accessories in our state of the art factory and quality of our brand has made them sought after commodities the world around. We have accessories to meet every budget. We have Toyota 4×4 Accessories, 4×4 Accessories, Toyota Hilux accessories, Toyota Hilux Vigo Accessories, Nissan Navara Accessories, Mitsubishi L200 Accessories and accessories for all Thailand, Dubai, Singapore and England United Kingdom assembled Japanese and American cars, sedans, 4×4 pickups and SUVs. We also carry a range of spare parts including Toyota Hilux parts, Toyota Hilux Vigo spare parts and Nissan Navara genuine and OEM parts.

Add your own personal touch to your vehicle and maintain its value with the widest range of car accessories from best aftermarket manufacturers. Our car accessories also give you the flexibility to achieve the unique style and look for your ride. Your vehicle will always stand out from the crowd and turn heads with our best quality car accessories.

Jim offers you a easy way to browse our full line of Auto and Truck Accessories.

In Exterior Accessories we offer many great products for dressing-up the appearance and enhancing the performance of your vehicle including:

1.1 Grille & Brush Protection: Bull Bars, Grille & Brush Guards, Rear Bumper Guards, Skid Plates and Taillight Guards,

1.2 Nerf bars & Running Boards: Nerf Bars & Step Bars, Running Boards and Truck Steps,

1.3 Truck Bed Accessories: Bed Caps, Bed Mats, Bed Rails, Bedliners, Tailgate Covers, Tonneau Covers and Truck Roll Bars,

1.4 Truck Tool Boxes: Chests & Utility Boxes, Drawer Storage, Innersides, Single-Lid & Dual Lid Crossovers, Tool Box Accessories, Topsides, Trailer Tongue and Underbed Toolboxes,

1.5 Body Restyling: Billet Grilles, Cab Extenders, Cab Visors (many can be painted to custom match your truck), Carbon Fiber Accessories, Chrome Accessories, Fender Flares & Trim, Grab Handles, Ground Effects, Hood scoops & Vents, Hoods & Trunks and Splash Guards & Mud Flaps,

1.6 Lighting: Colored Glass Auto Bulbs, Driving Lights, Emergency Lights, Fog Lights, Halogen Work Lights, LED Light Kits, License Plate Frames, Screw Lights and Truck Light kits,

1.7 Covers & Shields: Bug Shields & Hood Protectors, Headlight Covers, License Plate Covers, License Plate frames, Taillight Covers, Wind Deflectors and Window Visors & Covers.

Interior Accessories available at Jim Autos Dubai, Jim Autos Thailand and Jim Autos England United Kingdom include;

2.1 Electrical: Air Horns, Electrical Horns, Fans, Truck Air Horn Systems,

2.2 Floor Mats & Liners: Cargo Liners, Floor Guards and Floor Mats,

2.3 Interior Lighting: Lighting Products and Safety Lights, Sun Shields & Visors: Windshield Visors,

2.4 Alarms & Security: Alarms, Lock guards, Security Devices and Sirens,

2.5 Clocks & Compasses: Roll & Pitch Meters.

In the Towing and Cargo Management Category, you will find a great selection of Towing Related Products including;

3.1 Cargo Management: Bike Racks, Cargo Carriers, Cargo Nets, Ramps, Roof Racks and Ski Racks,

3.2 Hitches: Base Rail Systems, Folding Ball Gooseneck Systems, Receivers, Under Bed Systems and Weight Distribution Systems,

3.3 Towing Accessories: Balls & Mounts, Hitch Covers, Hitch Steps, Pins & Clips and Pintle Hooks,

3.4 Towing Electrical: Brake Controllers, Break Away Kits, Tail Light Converters, Towing Lights and Wiring Connectors,

3.5 Trailer Accessories: Cabinets, Electrical Covers, Hangers, Holders, Mounts, Racks, Runners, Shelving and Trash Receptacles,

3.6 Pet Carriers: Dog Boxes.

4×4 Exterior Accessories

1.1 Grille (Grill) Protection

  • Grille Guards & Brush Guards1.1.1 Grille Guards & Brush Guards – Front Nudge Guards
  • Bull Bars1.1.2 Bull Bars
  • Rear Bumper Guards1.1.3 Rear Nudge Guards
  • Skid Plates1.1.4 Skid Plates
  • Taillight Guards1.1.5 Taillight Guards

Raise the bar for protecting your vehicle and passengers with a tough-as-nails grille guard or bull bar. All of our grille guards and bull bars are ready for battle or the “burbs”. Our grille guards and bull bars get you there safely and in style. Jim boasts a range of grille guard and bull bars in all the best styles. A grille guard or bull bar can give you both piece of mind and stylish looks. Grille guards and bull bars not only protect your vehicle and look great, but also safeguard your precious cargo. All of our grille guards and bull bars boast heavy stainless steel construction and are available polished or powder coated.

Jim offers a wide range of front bars to suit most four wheel drive vehicles. Whether it’s for touring, competition, or weekend play, you’ll find a Bullbar, Nudge Bar or Grille Guard to suit your 4×4 here.

Why fit a bullbar? Fitting a bullbar, nudge bar, grille guard or other frontal bar can be a versatile protection system for your 4WD or AWD. A bullbar is designed to protect the front of your vehicle in a collision or minor accident, and this is especially important when travelling in remote areas. The last thing you need is to have your 4WD immobilized from a minor collision. A bullbar can also assist in the protection of sensitive parts such as headlights, with replacements on modern vehicles becoming quite costly. A bullbar is also functional, providing space for the fitment of additional driving lights, hydraulic and electric winches, aerials, and for those that love a bit of fishing – the essential rod holders. Note that fishing rod holders should only be used according to your local laws, as permanent fitment may not be legal in some areas.

Bullbars add to the beauty of your vehicle!

Whilst bullbars provide essential and practional functionality for many, you can’t escape the fact that they look good. Let’s face it, adding a bullbar or grille guard shows that your 4WD or AWD means business. This not only can improve the appearance of your four wheel drive, but can also improve resale value.

1.1.1 Front Nudge Guards


SNY1/ CS-705: Polyurethane Front Nudge Guard

Produced from high quality polyurethane with center aluminum skid plate. Designed for pickup with SRS. Available for all brands of pickup

SNY2/ CS-709: Curve Wing Polyurethane

Produced from high grade polyurethane with the latest full guard design to protect your head lamp with aluminum skid plate. Designed for pickup with SRS. This model available only for TOYOTA VIGO, TOYOTA D4D, ISUZU D-MAX


SNY3/ CS-721: Front Bumper Guard Cover

Produced from polyurethane, high quality material with aluminum skid plate. Designed for pickup with SRS. This model available only for TOYOTA VIGO


SNY4/ CS-712: Front Lower Bumper

Designed from aluminum tube to protect the lower front bumper with aluminum Ø2.5″ available for all pickups


SNY5/ CS-533: Front Nudge Guard with Side P.U. Cover

Produced from high grade stainless steel, with aluminum skid plate. Available for all brands of pickup


SNY6/ CS-544: A Bar Front Nudge Guard

Produced from high grade stainless steel Ø 3″ available to fit spot lamp Ø 8″. Available for all brands of pickup


SNY7/ CS-950A: Front Nudge Guard G W/O Wing

Produced from high grade stainless steel 2.5″ with center piece polyurethane and aluminum skid plate or stainless steel skid plate. Available for all brands of pickup


CS-710: T Bar Front Nudge Guard

Latest design of gront nudge guard avaible to fit spot lamp on the stainless steel center piece. With side polyurethane and aluminum skid plate. Available for all brand of pickup.

CS-546: A Bar P.U. Front Nudge Guard

Produced from high grade polyurethane with 2K primer or 2K paint. Design for pickup with SRS sencor. Bracket available for all brand of pickup

front grille guard

CS-937: Front Nudge Guard OFF ROAD

Produce from high grade stainless steel dia. 2.5″ with center piece polyurethane. Available to fit the spot lamp at the side spot lamp bracket. Available for all brand of pickup.


CS-950A: Front Nudge Guard G w/o Wing

Produced from high grade stainless steel dia. 2.5″ with center piece polyurethane and aluminum skid plate. Available for all brand of pickups with CE-950A-00 and CE-950A-D22 for Nissan D22 & Frontier





CS-9000: Front Grille Guard

Heavy duty front end protection with style. Added multi small tube grills for head light protection.


1.1.2 Bull Bars

bullbar Bullbar bullbar with driving light

CS-900BK: Bullbar with fog and driving light (2K paint)

Bull Bar with Triple Loops Steel pipe

CS-900B: Bullbar with driving light

Bull Bar with Triple Loops Steel pipe


CS-900BS: Bullbar with fog and driving light

Bull Bar with Triple Loops Steel pipe

bullbar Bullbar bullbar with driving light

CS-900J: Bullbar with driving light (2K paint)

Bull Bar with Triple Loops Steel pipe

CS-900JS: Bullbar with fog and driving light

Bull Bar with top tube across bullbar and winch tray option

CS-900U: Bullbar with driving light

Bullbar with 76 mm Single Bar stainless steel and winch tray option


CS-900US: Bullbar with fog and driving light

Bullbar with 76 mm Single Bar stainless steel and winch tray option


1.1.3 Rear Nudge Guards

SNY8/ CS-714: Aluminum Rear Lower Guard

The new design to protect the rear, produced from aluminum tube Ø 3″.





SNY9/ CS-720-00: Chrome Rear Nudge Guard

SNY10/ CS-720-01: Stainless Steel Rear Nudge Guard

Produced from high grade steel with chrome or stainless steel with the rubber step on top and the number plate light.



CS-110: Rear Nudge Guard J

Produced from the high grade stainless steel, metal chrome plate available.


CS-713: Aluminum Rear Guard for D-max

The new design for protect the original rear bumper.

CS-906: Stainless Steel Rear Nudge Guard B

Oval rear nudge guard with gold zinc cab end & 3rd brake lamp at center step.



CS-504: Chrome Rear Nudge Guard

Produce from high grade steel and chrome with the rubber step on top and the number plate light.




1.2 Nerf-bars and Running boards (Side Steps)


  • Truck Steps 1.2.1 Side Steps
  • rear stepbar 1.2.2 Rear Stepbar
  • Nerf Bars & Step Bars1.2.3 Nerf Bars & Step Bars
  • Running Boards1.2.4 Running Boards (A kind of Side Steps)

Whether you’re looking for an easier way in and out of your 4WD or AWD, chasing a step up to load things on your roof rack, or want something to protect your sills, Jim Accessories Department has a wide range of side steps and side bars to suit most makes and models of four wheel drives in .

Step right up and discover the best selection of running boards (side step), nerf bars and side tubes on the web. Nerf bars, side tubes and running boards are sure to give a boost to tired legs and your vehicle’s looks, too. That’s right, nerf bars and running boards sure look cool and they do give a welcome step to hard worked legs. But, nerf bars, side steps and running boards also help protect your vehicle’s body from those inconsiderate folks that swing their doors open without a thought. They’ll think twice next time after slamming into a solid nerf bar. We have stainless steel and black powder coated options, so there’s a style of nerf bar or side tube that’s just right for your tastes. And, all of Jim ’s side steps, side tubes and running boards are built specific to your vehicle. What’s more, easy bolt-on installation means no cutting or drilling for most of our nerf bars and side steps.

Wet Weather Benefits

Get a grip before climbing into your 4WD or AWD with a set of side steps. Many modern steps feature grooved designs and all weather pads to channel water away from the surface. In addition to a platform, side steps are also a great place to wipe your feet before climbing in to your vehicle. You can knock away mud any other debris that would otherwise end up inside your 4WD or AWD.

Custom Designed Side Steps

Whatever 4WD you own, the side steps, running boards, nerf bars, rock sliders, or whatever you choose to call them, on offer at Jim are all custom designed to suit. This means they fit like a glove, are easy to install, and look the part. Some side step models provide a smooth classy finish, whilst others give it that tough edge, so regardless of the look you want there’s usually a pair of side steps available that’ll customize your 4WD or AWD the way you want.

1.2.1 Side Steps

SNY15/ CS-551: Aluminum Side Step

Produced from high grade aluminum with PVC skid and EVA plastic end cab. Individual bracket for each car brand available 3 lengths of 68″ ,78″ and 85″ . Specially designed For TOYOTA VIGO and ISUZU D-MAX







SNY16/ CS-507: Mat Finish Aluminum Side Step
SNY17/ CS-509: Shiny Finish Aluminum Side Step

Produced from high grade aluminum with PVC skid and EVA plastic end cab. Individual bracket for each car brand available 3 lengths of 68″ ,78″ and 83″. Available for all brands of pickups


SNY18/ CS-505: Aluminum Side Step

Produced from high grade aluminum. Designed for stepping and protecting the side of the car. Suitable for pickup 4×2 available 2 lengths of 68″ and 78″. Available for all brands of pickups


CS-541: Basic Side Step

Produced from high grade aluminum by extrusion process with PVC skid and plastic end cab


1.2.2 Rear Stepbar

Rear Stepbar rear stepbar rear stepbar

CS-427B: Rear Step Bar with Black Powder Coating

2.5 inch tubing protects the rear as you drive back while step allows you to step up and down conveniently

CS-427C: Rear Step Bar with Chrome Plated Steel

2.5 inch tubing protects the rear as you drive back while step allows you to step up and down conveniently

CS-427S: Rear Step Bar with Stainless Steel

2.5 inch tubing protects the rear as you drive back while step allows you to step up and down conveniently

Rear Stepbar rear stepbar rear stepbar

CS-419AST: Rear Step Bumper T1 with Stainless Steel

3 Position step durable and beautiful

CS-419B: Rear Step Bumper T1 with Black Powder Coating

3 Position step durable and beautiful

CS-419C: Rear Step Bumper T1 with Chrome Plated Steel

3 Position step durable and beautiful

Rear Stepbar rear stepbar rear stepbar

CS-420B: Rear Step Bumper S with Black Powder Coating

CS-420 only comes in either Chrome Plating or Black Powder coating. Equipped with license plate light and 3M anti-slip pad

CS-420C: Rear Step Bumper S with Chrome Plated Steel

CS-420 only comes in either Chrome Plating or Black Powder coating. Equipped with license plate light and 3M anti-slip pad

CS-421B: Tube Step Bumper G with Black Powder Coating

Its thick 4.5 inch-tube provides greater protection and middle step pad made from molded rubber is easy on feet as one steps up or down

Rear Stepbar rear stepbar rear stepbar

CS-421C: Tube Step Bumper G with Chrome Steel

Its thick 4.5 inch-tube provides greater protection and middle step pad made from molded rubber is easy on feet as one steps up or down. Product available in stainless steel or chrome plated steel with optional brake light

CS-421ST: Tube Step Bumper G with Chrome Steel

Its thick 4.5 inch-tube provides greater protection and middle step pad made from molded rubber is easy on feet as one steps up or down. Product available in stainless steel or chrome plated steel with optional brake light

CS-423: Rear Step Bumper D with Chrome Plated Steel

Long Rubber molded step pad gives firm footing. Comes equipped with license plate area and light

Rear Stepbar rear stepbar rear stepbar

CS-424B: Rear Step Bumper F with Black Powder Coating

Molding injection plastic ensures sure step. It has small towing capacity for smaller loads

CS-424C: Rear Step Bumper F with Chrome Plated Steel

Molding injection plastic ensures sure step. It has small towing capacity for smaller loads

CS-427B: Rear Step Bumper with Black Powder Coating

2.5 inch tubing protects the rear as you drive back while step allows you to step up and down conveniently

Rear Stepbar rear stepbar rear stepbar

CS-427C: Rear Step Bumper with Chrome Plated Steel

2.5 inch tubing protects the rear as you drive back while step allows you to step up and down conveniently

CS-427S: Rear Step Bumper with Stainless Steel

2.5 inch tubing protects the rear as you drive back while step allows you to step up and down conveniently

CS-440E: Rear Step Bumper V

Large step bumper with large injection molded plastic pads and license plate area

Rear Stepbar rear stepbar rear stepbar

CS-440S-C: Rear Step Bumper V

Large step bumper with large injection molded plastic pads and license plate area

CS-440ST: Rear Step Bumper V

Large step bumper with large injection molded plastic pads and license plate area

CS-419C1: Rear Step Bumper T1 with light

3 Position step durable and beautiful

Rear Stepbar rear stepbar rear stepbar

CS-419CR: Rear Step Bumper T1 with light and rubber mold

3 Position step durable and beautiful

CS-419NR: Rear Step Bumper T2 with Chrome Plated Steel

A successor of CS419 Step Bar gives the perennial favorite a new look with same durability and protection

CS-440EC: Rear Step Bumper V

Large step bumper with large injection molded plastic pads and license plate area


Rear Stepbar

CS-443MT: Rear Step Bumper for L200 Triton

Stainless Steel bumper padded with rubber pads

1.3 Truck Bed Accessories


  • Bed Caps1.3.1 Bed Caps
  • Bed Mats1.3.2 Bed Mats
  • Bed Rails1.3.3 Bed Rails
  • Bedliners1.3.4 Bedliners
  • Tailgate Covers1.3.5 Tailgate Covers
  • Tonneau Covers1.3.6 Tonneau Covers
  • Truck Roll Bars1.3.7 Roll Bars

Protect your paint, add style to your truck and create more tie-down points with custom Bed Caps and Bed Rails. All of our truck Bed Caps and Bed Rails are custom made to match the contours of your specific vehicle. Every time something goes in or out of your truck bed, you risk scuffing the finish, chipping the paint or even denting the rails. Bed caps and bed rails are a great, cost-effective way to put a layer of protection between the truck and a nasty ding. Jim has several cap and rail styles, custom designed for your specific year, make and model. And not only do bed caps and bed rails protect your truck, they add style and look great doing it.

Make your pickup even more versatile with a few choice truck bed accessories. Need to haul around more gear? Truck racks are an ideal truck bed accessory that give you extra room for packing on lumber, ladders and more. What’s more, many of our truck racks are adjustable, making these truck bed accessories perfect for any occasion. And, there are also truck bed accessories that are designed to keep your stuff securely anchored in your box. Along with more storage room, we have truck bed accessories that add a ton of traction in your pickup’s bed. Then, you can protect your rear window and add serious style with a powerful headache rack. And, 5th-wheel enthusiasts will love our selection louvered tailgates. All of our truck bed accessories are made of high-quality materials, providing you with best products available and yeah, our prices are the best in the world.

There’s no more essential truck bed accessory than a truck bed liner. Your payload is naked without one.

truck racksTruck Rack
Transform your pickup bed into a double-decker transporter with our rugged truck racks and accessories. They haul it all!

traction systemTraction Systems
Traction systems let you and your vehicle get a grip on the road, even when driving conditions are at their worst

headache racks to protect your rear windowHeadache Racks
Headache racks are the ideal bed accessory for rear window protection with a bit of welcome shade

get a grip on your load with cargo netCargo Nets & Tie-Downs
Get a grip on your payload with cargo nets & tie-downs. These load-hauling tools are the only way to command cargo for the long haul

If you own a ute or trayback 4WD, whether it be a single cab, dual cab, space cab, or extra cab, we have a range of practical accessories custom built for your vehicle. Soft and hard Tonneau’s, sports bars, mats & liners, underbody tool boxes and water tanks, and plenty more is available to suit. If you don’t find what you’re after in our online catalogue, please email us at [email protected] and let us assist. We have helpful and knowledgeable staff on hand ready to answer any enquiries you may have.

1.3.6 Tonneau cover or Superlid

Putting a tonneau cover on your 4×4 is one of the best upgrades you can add to your pickup. A tonneau cover increases gas mileage, protects your valuables and looks great on your truck. Hard or soft tonneaus, roll-ups, tilts, tool boxes, even motorized tonneaus. Fiberglass, metal and faux-leather tonneau covers. All of our tonneau covers are custom designed for your specific truck. The tonneau cover will create a more aerodynamic profile and improve your fuel economy. Tools, gear, luggage or anything else you lock under a tonneau cover is less likely to “walk off”. And, anything you put in a tonneau-covered bed is sheltered from the elements. With fiberglass, metal and leatherette vinyl options, there’s a great looking tonneau cover that’s just your style. Most of our tonneau covers take just minutes to install.

Super Lid SM Super Lid SR

Fiberglass Canopy

We offer a range of canopies to meet all your needs.


1.3.7 Roll Bars


SNY11/ CS-706: Ellipse Tube Aluminum Roll Bar

The latest design from double ellipse aluminum tube. Paint with electronic powder coat, side polyurethane decorated and the 3rd brake light. (No drill clamp available.) Available for all pickup


SNY12/ CS-510: Roll Bar with Polyurethane Side Cover

The metal structure paint with electric powder coat and high grade side poly-urethane cover. Center piece from stainless steel Ø 3″ with the 3rd brake light. Available for all pickup


SNY13/ CS-715: Sports Bar

The latest CARRYBOY design from aluminum ellipse tube with 3rd brake light. Available for all pickup



SNY14/ CS-917: Roll Bar A (Classic)

Double tube stainless steel roll bar with spoiler, 3rd brake light and polyurethane base. Available for all pickup


1.4 Toolboxes


  • Chests & Utility Boxes
    1.4.1 Chests & Utility Boxes
  • Drawer Storage
    Drawer Storage
  • Dual-Lid Crossovers
    Dual-Lid Crossovers
  • Innersides
  • Single-Lid Crossovers
    Single-Lid Crossovers
  • Tool Box Accessories
    Tool Box Accessories
  • Topsides
  • Trailer Tongue
    Trailer Tongue
  • Underbeds

1.4.1 Utility Box or Toolbox

Add secure space to your rig’s bed with a pickup truck tool box. Carry tools, equipment, all your gear in safe, lockable truck tool boxes. Jim offers a variety of truck tool box styles to let you get the most out of your pickup. Our huge selection of truck tool boxes offers a design or style sure to fit your lifestyle. Choose from crossover, low-profile, stainless steel, dual-lid, single-lid, wheel mount or other specialty tool boxes. Even with a giant tool chest riding in back, your truck becomes a monster utility rig with a truck tool box. Inside you’ll find handy trays, clever holders, and all the space you need for the tools of your trade. Truck tool boxes handle even lighter fare like groceries and gym gear with full security. Installation is a quick breeze for most trucks, using custom clamps and only minimal drilling on some models.

SNY22/ CS-704: New Utility Box

Latest design for the utility box. Produced from FRP with carpet lining inside, spring hinge and slam shut lock.

SNY23/ CS-927: Classic Utility Box

Classic utility box produce from FRP with interior carpet lining and lock



1.5 Body Restyling


  • Billet Grilles1.5.1 Billet Grilles
  • Cab Extenders1.5.2 Cab Extenders
  • Cab Visors1.5.3 Cab Visors
  • Carbon Fiber Accessories1.5.4 Carbon Fiber Accessories
  • Chrome Accessories1.5.5 Chrome Accessories
  • Fender Flares & Trim1.5.6 Fender Flares & Trim
  • Grab Handles1.5.7 Grab Handles
  • Ground Effects1.5.7 Ground Effects
  • Hood Scoops & Vents1.5.8 Hood Scoops & Vents
  • Hoods & Trunks1.5.9 Hoods & Trunks
  • Paintable Product1.5.10 Paintable Product
  • Splash Guards & Mud Flaps1.5.11 Splash Guards & Mud Flaps
  • Vehicle Protection1.5.12 Vehicle Protection
  • Window Pillars1.5.13 Window Pillars
  • Wings & Spoilers1.5.14 Wings & Spoilers


1.5.6 Fender Flare

Fender flares and fender trim from Jim are just the custom accessories the Car Doctor ordered for your ride. For all-out gleam, slender body curves or a wicked off-road mean streak, Jim ’s fender flares and fender trim are the answer. If your auto went through the style side of the assembly line on stilts, turn to Jim ’s custom fender flares and fender trim. There’s no better way to turn heads, drop jaws and get noticed than with the custom fit and formed look of our fender flares and fender trim. For a little extra sheen around all four wheels, pick the stainless steel flash of the fender trim in our wide selection of custom fender flares and fender trim. When your ride needs extra shape that’s inline with its original curves, pick pronounced factory-style fender flares from our assortment of fender flares and fender trim. Or, if you need some extra clearance for a thrashing set of off-road tires, pick our off-road fender flares have your rig covered like no other fender flares or fender trim outfitter in the land. No matter which style of fender flares or fender trim catches your eye, Jim makes fitting them to your ride a snap. There’s no faster way to style than our fender flares and fender trim.

1.6 Exterior Lighting


  • Bulbs & Lenses
    Bulbs & Lenses
  • Colored Glass Auto Bulbs
    Colored Glass Auto Bulbs
  • Driving Lights
    Driving Lights
  • Emergency Lights
    Emergency Lights
  • Fog Lights
    Fog Lights
  • Halogen Work Lights
    Halogen Work Lights
  • Headlight Replacement Kits
    Headlight Replacement Kits
  • LED Light Kits
    LED Light Kits
  • License Plate Frame Lights
    License Plate Frame Lights
  • Screw Lights
    Screw Lights
  • Truck Light Kits
    Truck Light Kits

We feature the brightest names in vehicle illumination. Blaze a trail through darkness with brand name driving and off-road lights. And, take your ride to the cutting-edge of style with our brilliant selection of  taillights kits Whether you’re looking to brighten up your nighttime driving adventures or add serious street style to your rear end, Jim has the lighting options you want. For front-end lighting, both off and on road, we have a wide range of  lights. And, with five different beam patterns, two bulb types and three reflector styles, there’s a light that’s spot on for your needs. When it comes to tail light upgrades our selection of brand name lights is sure to dazzle even the most discerning enthusiast.

12 Volt Lights

12V Lights are useful in many ways. Kept in your 4WD, they are always on hand for setting up camp, looking under the bonnet, or any other time you need lighting. 12V lights normally plug into your cigarette lighter socket and run off your vehicles battery.

Driving Lights – Spotlights – Fog Lights

If you’re after driving lamps, spotlights, spotties, driving and fog lights, or whatever you wish to call them, you’ll find that Jim has one of the largest selections online. We carry all the major brands and more. If you need a set of driving lights, then the place to compare and buy online is Jim .

1.7 Covers and Shields

  • bug shields and hood protectors1.7.1 Bug Shields & Hood Protectors
  • headlight-cover1.7.2 Headlight covers
  • license plate cover 1.7.3 License Plate Cover
  • license frame1.7.4 License Plate Frames
  • Taillight cover1.7.5 Taillight Cover
  • wind deflectors1.7.6 Wind Deflectors
  • window visors1.7.7 Window Visors & Covers
  • 1.7.8 Car Bras

1.7.4 License Plate Frames

License plate frames are the fastest, easiest way to jazz up any vehicle. Our license plate frames are made with a lasting shine for decoration and durability. Pick from our line of license plate frames with manufacturer logos, Jim logo, designs and more.

1.7.7 Deflectors or Visors

Stop or redirect the onslaught of insects, road debris and whipping winds with our selection of deflectors. Jim has bug, sunroof or wind deflectors for your make and model. You can count our deflectors to last, because each is crafted from durable materials that sent bugs and rocks running, bouncing and flying away from your windshield. Jim offers a range of deflectors to stop nuisances. Our bug deflectors keep everything from fat juicy insects to window-chipping road rubble off your paint and windshield. Our sunroof deflectors redirect dust and debris while reducing wind and turbulence. Our window deflectors let in fresh air, reduce interior heat and wind noise, eliminate windshield fogging, and draw out stale air all while keeping weather out of your car. What’s more, you’ll never pay too much for your deflectors at Jim , because Jim has the lowest prices in the world.

bonnet visorBonnet Visor or Bug Deflector: Deflect all the creepy crawlies and winged creatures away from your window with an indispensable bug deflector.

door visor door visor on pickupDoor Visor or Vent visors stop rain whether you’re driving or parked. Choose to get either two or all four doors visored.

1.8 Car covers

We also provide custom covers for your vehicles and seating:


you can acquire custom covers at Jim covers

Jim sells a range of indoor and outdoor custom-fit 4×4 pickup from a range of manufacturers including Jim . Custom-fit for every vehicle, from Model T’s to Humvees. Jim has been in the automotive business for over 97 years and we sell more vehicles and accessories online than anyone! We’re confident we have a car cover fabric and fit made especially for your needs. All-weather car covers are designed to protect your vehicle against harsh outdoor conditions. Indoor car covers are used to preserve a vehicle’s paint and to safeguard it from dings, dents and dust. Truck covers fit your vehicle with style and precision, whether you have an open bed or cab-high shell.

Tip: if you’ll be using your car cover on a daily basis, you may want to choose one of the lighter covers, which are easier to handle and fold up into a smaller bundle.

Jim sells a range of car and pickups coversOutdoor Car Covers are the way to go when you often park on the street, under trees or don’t have available garage space.

Jim sells a range of car and pickups coversIndoor Car Covers put a buffering layer of protection between your garaged vehicle and dust, bumps or other accidents.

Jim sells a range of car and pickups coversShun the sun from broiling your cockpit with a Truck and SUV Cab Cover. These fast-installing covers block harsh UV rays and foul weather.



custom covers for your seating be it fabric or leathercovers from Jim Autoscovers from Jim Autos

1.8.4 Car Bras

Dress up your vehicle and protect your “front-end investment” from the ravages of road debris. All of our bras are custom-fit for your specific make and model. And shop with confidence – Jim is the #1 seller of 4×4 Accessories in the world! Whether you’re looking to cover your entire front end for the ultimate protection or you wish to shield only specific areas, we’re sure we have a bra to fit your needs. Original-style bras, ideal for sports cars, provide full coverage with cutouts for headlights, license plates and fog lights. Sport-style bras, perfect for SUVs and pickups, cover the front portion of the hood and don’t interfere with brush guards, winches or tow hooks.



Mud Flaps

Stop the slop and road grime from smearing your vehicle’s style! Mud guards reject regular road grime, mud, fresh bitumen, stones and other debris, keeping your fenders clean and pristine. Without a good set of mudflaps, debris can damage your paintwork in no time. No matter the style you want—molded splash guards, diamond plate mud guards or dually flaps or standard blank —Jim has ‘em. Mud, road grime, salt, stray rocks, even fresh asphalt can trash your truck or SUV’s looks in no time. Solve the random crud pattern and see an immediate improvement. Jim ’s mud guards stop the assault on your paint instantly, making your latest wash job last longer. Beyond simple protection, a good set of mud guards sets your truck or SUV up with outstanding looks. You can treat your truck to a pair of molded flexible mud flaps, diamond plate mud guards or even super wide dually mud guards. Front mud guards, rear mud guards or both, Jim has what you need to hit any road with peace of mind. And, with our lower price guarantee, you’re completely covered, and that’s no flap.

dual mud guard do twice the jobDual Mud Guards
Dual mud guards stand twice as wide to handle twice the tire-tossed debris. Our dual mud guards are custom cut and easy to mount.

Jim regular mud guards do the jobRegular Mud Guards
Mud guards reject the everyday mess generated by your tires. From durable rubber to bright aluminum, our mud guards fit any rig


Utility Rack (Roof Rack) or Cargo Bag

Many of us love to get away from it all, take road trips, or head off camping with friends and family. Unfortunately our 4WD’s only have limited space to store all the gear we want to take, and you certainly don’t want your passengers to be packed in like sardines amongst all the gear as it can make for a long and tiresome trip. By adding a roof rack, you add additional storage space to your vehicle without encroaching on the limited interior space available. In addition to roof racks being a great space saver, they also allow you to take along longer items such as kayaks and surfboards with ease.

Adding a roof rack or cargo bag to your vehicle is like putting an addition on your home. You get more space, comfort and convenience with a roof rack or cargo bag. Jim has many styles of roof racks and cargo bags to choose from. We’re loaded with roof rack and cargo bag accessories too, like light brackets, extensions, cargo nets, spare tire mounts. Road trips, cross country vacations, weekend getaways, anywhere you go can be more relaxing and comfortable when you have the extra cargo capacity of a roof rack or cargo bag. Safari baskets, flat racks, soft bags or hard cases – we have several rooftop options to carry your duffels, suitcase and travel accoutrements safely and securely. And, our wide selection of accessories lets you set up your roof rack or cargo bag, so it’s just the way you like it. And, you’ll never pay more for roof racks or cargo bags at world’s cheapest accessory wholesaler- Jim Autos.

SNY19/ CS-550: Sport Tray

Produced from high grade aluminum with the latest aerodynamic ARC design. Supplied with the cross bar adjustable to fit with all car models



SNY20/ CS-535: Super Rack

CS-999 Cargo Net

Produced from high grade aluminum with the latest and aero dynamic design. Supplied with the cross bar adjustable to fit with all car models. 3 different sizes (100×100, 100×120, 100×160 cm.) and 2 different colors black and silver


SNY21/ CS-535: Universal Cross Roof Rack

Produced from high grade aluminum, with the innovative design for all vehicles


CS-530: Universal Cross Roof Rack

Produced from high grade aluminum. with innovative design. Available for all vehicle. Not have any parts of roof rack go over the side of the car. Can adjust for any width of the car. Only need to change brackets  according to the car model. Color mat silver and black


4WD Snorkels

safari snorkelSnorkels help to protect your engine from the water and dust that you commonly encounter when offroad. Most 4WD vehicles have a relatively low air intake, and you should consider a snorkel before doing any sort of water crossing to help minimise the chance of water entering.










Wood and Carbon Fiber Trim

dashkitJim Autos Dubai, Jim Autos Thailand and Jim Autos England United Kingdom also creates the most elegant dash kits in wood grain and carbon fiber to give your vehicle an elegance. Click here to learn more about dashkits.

Character. Elegance. Choice. Luxury. With each of these virtues, our custom dash kits make it hard to keep your attention fixed on the road ahead. Try as they might, most eyes can’t stop feasting on the deep look of rich burled wood, sweeping walnut grain, precise carbon fiber, or vibrant glass. It’s no wonder that a dash kit from Jim ’s ample selection is the natural choice for treating your eyes and your car, truck or SUV. Whether you select simulated grain, genuine wood, a specialty look or a factory-matching pattern, each of our dash kits is custom die-cut to fit your vehicle with fidelity.

A dash kit has the color, pattern, shape and style to reverse the factory-original curse plaguing of most newer vehicles. And, if you’re shopping for a classic, the rejuvenating effect of a dash kit is even more dramatic. Dash kits offer limited edition luxury for less. Have you seen the price tag on that Alfa Romeo, Porsche or BMW package including a custom dash kit these days? Well, if you haven’t, let’s just say the window sticker lists the cost with a 20-year fixed. Compare that to our dash kits, that look just as elegant but at a fraction of the price. And, our dash kits save you all that extra negotiating time with the cheesy sales lot guy. You’ll thank us later.

Side view mirrors

You don’t need to be a psychic to know if you can safely change lanes—you just need the right side view mirrors. Arming your auto with an arsenal of exterior mirrors protects you from expensive side swipes, pricy fender-benders, and much more. It’s one of the dirtiest little secrets in the automotive world—side view mirrors are incredibly vulnerable to damage and are ridiculously expensive to replace at the dealer. Fight back against overpriced parts by picking up an aftermarket side view mirror from Jim . Our replacement side view mirrors are custom made for a stock fit, but ours only cost a fraction. What’s more, people who haul boats, trailers and 5th wheelers need special towing mirrors to see around their rigs. Whether you’re an occasional tower or a full-fledged trucker, Jim has the side view towing mirrors you need at prices that will flip your lid. From simple convex attachments to complete replacement towing mirrors, our selection of side view mirrors has it all.


SNY24/ CS-701: Door Visor

Produce from high grade acrylic plastic useful for air ventilation in bad weather and rain.


SNY25/ CS-982: Hood Deflector

Hood Deflector & bug guard unique design for TOYOTA HILUX VIGO, produced from high grade Acrylic Plastic


SNY26/ CS-986: Fender Flare

Produced from high grade ABS Plastic. Contour design, with car body.




SNY27/ CS-901: Wheel House Cover

For your convenience to keep wheelhouse area clean and protected from the damage from stones


SNY28/ CS-548: Hood Carrier

Designed for your convenience to keep engine hood open when it it is hot without touching it. Produced from high grade shock absorber

SNY29/ CS-536:: Aircon Kit for Hardtop (ceiling type)

For installation at the hardtop ceiling with cooling 12,000 BTU and 3 ways 6″ speaker. ( Include Fitting Kits)

Sorry Pic Currently Unavailable.

SNY30/ CS-920: Bed Liner

Produced from high quality HDPE 6.5 mm. thickness. Option with klamp N tie. Available for all Japanese pick ups

SNY31: /font>Roller up

Aluminum roller up to protect your merchandise. More useful when you want to load the high space. Water resistant with the drain channel

SNY32/ CS-539: Reverse Mirror

Specially design for CARRYBOY hardtop, produced from Zinc Injection


SNY33/ CS-539: 8″ Spot Lamp

Multi-reflector with cover


SNY34/ CS-919: Spare Tire Lock

Spare tire lock, to secure your spare tire from a thief, available for 8″ & 10″ for steel wheel & alloy wheel




SNY35/ CS-951: License Plate Frame  CS-951

Manufactured from Zinc Injection and Chrome Plate.




Steering Column Lock CARRYBOY 3 LOCK : LOCKS 3 TIMES Manufactured from the high tensile steel grade. Installs on the vehicle without any DRILLING. The BEST Security lock kit for automobile. NO DRILLING NEEDED.


SNY37: Tinted Film


The best tinted film solution for a range of world climates.


SNY38/ CS-719: Acoustic Dome


CARRYBOY Acoustic Dome

The latest design for the automobile audio. Design Patented by CARRYBOY. Designed for the correct direction of the sound system without any obstruction to the sound wave. Installed on the correct position on the dash board in a unit with Mid and Tweeter wave range, easy and convenient to install,


Increase you audio performance with CARRYBOY Acoustic.


SNY39/ CS-520: Fiberglass Canopy Ladder – Series 5

PProduced from stainless with 1″ diameter, shiny and strong. Designed to be well-fitted in each model. Suitable for 4×4 vehicles with Carryboy Fiberglass Canopy installed.




2 Towing & Trailer Accessories

Everything you need to tow with your four wheel drive, as well as accessories for safety, security, and protection. From hitches, to locking pins, tow straps and more, Jim has you covered. We also offer a wide variety of winches and winch accessories including straps.

2.1 Cargo Management

  • bike racks2.1.1 Bike Racks
  • cargo carriers2.1.2 Cargo Carriers
  • cargo nets2.1.3 Cargo Nets
  • ramps2.1.4 Ramps
  • roof racks2.1.5 Roof Racks
  • ski racks2.1.6 Ski Racks


2.2 Hitches

  • base rail hitch2.2.1 Base Rail Systems
  • folding ball hitch2.2.2 Folding Ball Gooseneck
  • hitch receiversHitch Receivers
  • underbed hitchUnderbed Systems
  • weight distribution system2.2.5 Weight Distribution Systems

2.3 Towing Accessories

  • towing accessories2.3.1 Towing Accessories
  • balls and mounts2.3.2 Balls & Mounts
  • hitch covers2.3.3 Hitch Covers
  • hitch steps2.3.4 Hitch Steps
  • pins and clips2.3.5 Pins & Clips
  • pintle hooks2.3.6 Pintle Hooks

2.4 Towing Electrical

  • braking controllers2.4.1 Braking Controllers
  • breakaway kits2.4.2 Breakaway Kits
  • tail lights converters2.4.3 Taillights converters
  • towing lights2.4.4 Towing Lights
  • wiring connectors2.4.5 Wiring Connectors

2.5 Trailer Accessories

  • trailer cabinets2.5.1 Cabinets
  • electrical covers2.5.2 Electrical Covers
  • hangers2.5.3 Hangers
  • holders2.5.4 Holders
  • mounts2.5.5 Mounts
  • racks2.5.6 Racks
  • runners2.5.7 Runners
  • shelving2.5.8 Shelving
  • trash receptacle2.5.9 Trash Receptacle


2.6 Pet Carriers

  • pet carrier2.6.1 Dog Boxes


3. Interior Accessories

3.1 Barrier Gates and Dividers

  • 3.1.1 Cargo Partitions
  • 3.1.2 Pet Barriers


3.2 Floor Mats & Liners

  • cargo liner3.2.1 Cargo Liners
  • floor guards3.2.2 Floor Guards
  • floor mats3.2.3 Floormats

3.2.1 Cargo Liner

All-weather, carpeted, deep wells, nearly invisible or thick protective rubber, we have a custom-fit or semi-custom Cargo Liner or Trunk Liner that’s just right. When you have a liner in there and something spills, in most cases, it’s just a matter of lifting it out and brushing or hosing it off. Without that liner, it’s an entirely different story. All-weather, carpeted, deep wells, nearly invisible or thick protective rubber, we have a custom-fit or semi-custom cargo liner or trunk liner that’s just right. We’re the place to find a perfect fit—Jim has cargo and trunk liners that are ideal for every vehicle and budget. Choose from custom cargo liners and semi-custom fit products for every make, model and year in our range. Our wide range of colors and materials ensure you’ll find just the liner you had in mind.

3.2.3 Floor Mats

How often do you hear about the new 4wd owner who will never take their vehicle out on the beach or into the bush because of the drama in cleaning the interior afterwards? Our range of floormats to suit most outdoor lifestyles, eliminates one of the biggest negatives 4WD owners have about taking their vehicle on the beach or into the wilderness.

From hunters to Soccer Moms and everyone in between – nobody likes dirty feet in their vehicle. All-weather, carpeted, deep wells, nearly invisible or thick protective rubber, we have a custom-fit or semi-custom mat to protect your floors. With so many different floor mats and liners, you might think it’s difficult to know which one is right for you. Thankfully, Jim has taken care of the dirty work. We’ve categorized and classified them, so picking the right type of floor protection is straight-forward and almost fun. Choose from All-weather floor mats and liners that hose off, plush carpeted car mats with luxurious pile, deep wells that catch anything your feet drag in, invisible floor mats that let your factory interior show through, or low-profile floor mats for a minimalist look. For most of our floor mats and floor liners, we have all of your seats and seating rows protected.

Protect the interior of your 4WD against the elements with our selection of quality floor mats, dash mats, cargo mats and floor liners. Not only will your 4×4 interior stay cleaner in the long run, but you may also improve its resale value. From off-road enthusiasts to everyday drivers – nobody likes dirty feet in their vehicle. We have moulded or standard mats made from carpet or rubber with deeps wells to protect your 4wd floors. Choose from genuine manufacturer made moulded floor mats that will take anything you drop on them wet or dry or buy quality third party floor mats that are just as good as the original thing. Choose from high quality moulded carpeted floor mats with deep wells that catch all the dirt and sand your feet drag in, or heavy duty rubber floor mats to hold up all the dirt. Of course we also have your cargo area covered with moulded floormats designed to withstand the everyday use and abuse that gets thrown at the cargo space. Throughout the range of our floor mats & cargo mats we have all of your 4wd carpet protected.

all weather matAll-weather Floormats
For year round protection from mud, moisture and muck, cover your carpets with our all-weather floor mats. These easy to clean all weather floor mats are both semi-custom and custom-designed for a sure fit. And, all-weather floor mats come in many colors.

carpet matDress your floorboards with our carpet floor mats for stylish protection. From dirty shoes to harmful foot friction, carpet floor mats guard against common carpet foes. Our custom-tailored carpet floor mats come in many colors and can be embroidered.

auto carpetBring your interior back to life with the comfort and sharp looks of new carpet. Our auto carpet kits have showroom-quality colors with a factory-style fit and feel. It’s more than new auto carpet—it’s like having your new vehicle back.

3.3 Interior Lighting

  • lighitng products3.3.1 Lighting Products
  • safety lights3.3.2 Safety Lights


3.4 Sunshields and Visors

  • windshield visors3.4.1 Windshield Visors


3.5 Alarms & Security

  • alarms3.5.1 Alarms
  • lock guards3.5.2 Lock Guards
  • security devices3.5.3 Security Devices
  • sirens3.5.4 Sirens


3.6 Clocks and Compasses

  • roll and pitch meters3.6.1 Roll and Pitch Meters


3.7 Portable Fridges

Keep your drinks cold and your food fresh. When you’re out and about there’s nothing like a portable fridge to help you enjoy your time away.

3.8 Car Fresheners

We offer a broad range of long lasting car air fresheners. You can choose either discrete or funky air freshener but they all do their job. Our ranger of air fresheners are fun and long lasting and a fraction of what they would cost in your country. Our top of the range brand name freshener have stunning and stylish designs with a variety of unique fragrances to suit your every mood.

3.9 4WD Communications

Communication is an essential part of four wheel driving in groups. Standard club practice these days is for everyone travelling on a trip to have either a vehicle mounted or handheld UHF radio. We can offer you a range of communications tools. GPS is big these days, we may not have the directions to your particular city but we can certainly offer you the compatible GPS hardware.

3.10 Instrument Panel Gauge Faces

gauge faces give your instument panel a liftGauge faces offer a lift to your plain vanilla instrument panel and turn it into something extraordinary. Our custom gauge faces lay over your originals with bright color or gleaming steel shine. These complete gauge face kits are the ideal jolt for your interior, brightening right down to the needles.


3.11 Rear View Mirror

Dress out your auto’s cockpit with the right rear view mirror for greater safety, less eye strain, and sharp looks. Whether you need to replace damaged mirrors or upgrade with electronic reverse view sensor display or better yet reverse view camera, Jim ’s has you covered. Our highways and byways are crawling with crazy drivers, and its up to us to defend our vehicles from these lunatic motorists. That’s why it’s essential to have your vehicle equipped with all the right rear view mirrors. That way, you can keep a close eye on the guy at your flank who’s had his left-turn signal on for the past 20 miles, or that lady who keeps closing her eyes to hit the high notes during her Shania Twain sing-a-long. Now, the one interior mirror that you absolutely need is a rear view mirror. Rear view mirrors especially those equipped with sensors or cameras are essential in streets and parking lots where these cameras save lives and money by preventing damage to your vehicle.

3.12.1 Seat Covers

Seat covers are a great idea, whether your seats are in tip-top shape or showing a little wear. Regular use takes its toll after a while, and then there’s direct sunlight, food and drink spills, kids and pets. Not only can seat covers protect your investment, they can also look good. Choose from custom fit seat covers designed to suit your seats perfectly in a range of colors.Choose from tailored custom-fit seat covers, form-fitting semi-custom or economical universal-fit seat covers in a wide range of factory and custom colors. Even with regular use, your seats can take a serious beating. Sliding in and out wears the upholstery. Trips back from the gym can leave behind more than just an impression of your muscles. Add to that, direct sunlight, food and beverage accidents and don’t forget the havoc kids and pets can wreak. It’s almost too much bear. Not so, thanks to seat covers. Jim has seat covers to protect your seats and suit your lifestyle. Choose from durable seat cover materials, like waterproof neoprene, stain-resistant polyester/cotton and luxurious velour. Cuts like tailor-fit, semi-custom or universal give you plenty of budget options to keep your seats looking great.

custom seat coverCustom Seat Cover
Safeguard your interior from stains, spills and rips with a set of custom seat covers. From luxurious sheepskin to water-proof neoprene, our premium custom seat covers are tailored from a wide range of fabrics. Plus, custom seat covers fit like a glove.

universal seat coversUniversal Seat Cover
Spills and stains don’t stand a chance against our universal seat covers. Universal seat covers come in a host of fabrics. For intense protection that won’t break the bank, get a set of universal seat covers today.

3.12.2 Steering Wheel Covers

wheel skinsDress your helm to match or accent your interior with our high-quality steering wheel covers. Crafted from the finest, most rugged materials, our steering wheel covers come in many stylish finishes. Our steering wheel covers fit your wheel to a T.


4. Max Wheels and Custom Rims and Tires

we offer cheapest rimsJim Autos Dubai, <a href=Jim is the place for Vigo rims, Triton rims and Ford rimsJim Autos Dubai, Jim Autos Thailand and Jim Autos England United Kingdom offers an amazing range of top quality rims and wheels. We can install them on your vehicle or send it to you fitted together and balanced, all you have to do is to bolt them on. As Thailand, Dubai, Singapore and England United Kingdom ‘s largest accessory wholesaler, we are often contacted by rim retailers the world around for a container load of a range of rims, wheels and tires. We have a massive stock of tires and wheels, and each order is hand built and balanced up on our state of the art machinery. If you are looking for a tire and wheel package pick the tires you want then the wheels – add in any extras like nuts or centre caps and everything that will arrive together, ready for you to just bolt on to your vehicle. If you are looking for Hubcaps, Hub caps, Wheel covers, Center Caps, Hubcap, Hub cap, Factory original hubcaps, hub caps, hubcap, hub cap, wheelcovers, wheel covers, wheelcover, wheel cover and used center caps Jim Autos Dubai, Jim Autos Thailand and Jim Autos England United Kingdom is the place.

Thailand, Dubai, Singapore and England United Kingdom is world’s largest rubber manufacturer so naturally many world top tire manufacturers have chosen to manufacture their tires here. We can therefore supply a range of top quality tires from manufacturers as Bridgestone, Michelin, Dunlop, Goodyear, Sumitomo, Pirelli and a range of other top manufacturer. Many Thai companies have been manufacturing world quality tires here for decades, we therefore take great pride in providing quality tires by leading Thai tire manufacturer as Vee Rubber, Deestone, Inoue, Hihero, Siam Rubber, Thai Sin Rubber (TSR), Otani, Hwafong’s Duro, Roadstone and Innoce among others.

Here is some advice on buying rims. If you want to do it yourself, it is good to understand Wheel fitment and bolt patterns. Once you have purchased your chrome it is important to take care of them and clean them regularly. You should always make sure that tire pressure is kept optimum. Here is an article on how to check tire inflation pressure.  To learn what your tire is composed of, please read our article on how tire are made.



Performance Parts

Jim Autos is not just Thailand, Dubai, Singapore and England United Kingdom ‘s largest exporter of vehicles and accessories but also Thailand, Dubai, Singapore and England United Kingdom ‘s largest wholesale exporter of original manufacturer, OEM and performance parts. Please click here to see some of the performance parts we export.

Dual Battery Systems

A dual battery system makes a handy addition to any 4×4 where a winch, fridge/freezer, or auxiliary lights are installed, or you wish to charge up all your electronic gear whilst on the road. The dual battery system allows for a second battery to be hooked up to the main, preserving it for starting duties. Benefits of a Dual Battery System Running extra lights, camping fridges, inverters, winches, in-car entertainment systems and other electronic gear consumes a lot of power that is required to keep your engine running and battery charged. Using a dual battery system you can utilise the power of a second battery for powering all of your auxiliary items leaving your main battery for powering your 4wd. Running your 4wd & auxiliary items without adequate power can run the risk of damaging the electronics of your 4wd and electronic gear. A dual battery system correctly installed will allow the main battery to keep its charge. If it goes flat for any reason there is generally a manual overide of the direction of charge with the secondary battery so that it can be used to ‘jump start’ the first one, getting you back on your way without the hassles of jump starting your 4wd with another vehicle. Dual battery systems generally come with a priority charging system, meaning that your main battery will always be charged in priority to the auxiliary battery, ensuring there is enough charge to start your 4wd. Running fridges/freezers that continually use power from an auxiliary utilising low power automatic cut off will also give you the same benefits leaving your main battery charged.

4WD Performance Chips

Engine management computers, performance chips, ECU upgrades, modules – whatever you want to call them, you’ll find them at 4×4 Store. Why buy a Performance Chip? The majority of modern 4WD’s have built-in computers that control a number of functions such as air to fuel ratio and ignition timing. Factory settings are pre-programmed and cater to the average driver, however beyond these preset limitations is performance just waiting to be unleashed. The good news for those that want extra horsepower and torque is that a performance chip can unlock your 4WD’s potential. A performance chip can provide substantial horsepower and torque gains across the rev range which is great for towing, faster off-the-line acceleration and that extra grunt that’s always useful for passing. Depending on your driving style, performance chips may also provide greater engine efficiency which can keep your fuel bills down even with the extra grunt.

Other Performance Boosters

We have a range of performance boosting products. Improve your brake, driveline and diff locks and intercoolers.

Diesel Turbo Kits and Intercoolers

Many of us choose a diesel 4WD on the basis of reliability, economy, and longevity. The only disadvantage is that diesels have traditionally been low on power. This can be frustrating when towing, overtaking, climbing hills and tackling certain obstacles off-road. Turbo charging your diesel 4WD can change this. Adding a turbo to your diesel engine increases the amount of air delivered. By increasing the volume of air in the engine, more oxygen is available to complete the combustion process, which increases horsepower and can also decrease exhaust emissions. In fact substantial gains of up to 35% can be made by adding a turbo kit. In addition to adding a turbo kit, fitting a larger exhaust can help discharge exhaust gases faster, and allow the turbo to boost up quicker.

4WD Suspension

Jim Autos Dubai, Jim Autos Thailand and Jim Autos England United Kingdom carries a huge range of suspension available to suit most makes and models of 4WD. Whether you are chasing parts such as shock absorbers, bushes, trailing arms, coil or leaf springs, steering dampers, torsion bars or any other suspension component, we have you covered with quality brands. We also have a range of complete suspension kits to suit both on and off road handling, off road articulation, or a combination of both.

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