Bolt Patterns

       Bolt Pattern and Offsets for Cars and Trucks

The diagram on the left illustrates how bolt patterns are measured. Bolt patterns refer to the distance between your lug nuts. This is very relevant information, due to the fact that when you buy Custom Wheels and Spinning Rims they need to fit your Bolt pattern.

If you are buying a vehicle from any Jim company Jim will do all the work for you and if you are just buying a rim set, we will also send you the right rim and wheels for your vehicle. It matches the wheels that fit to your vehicle. You don’t have to do anything in the way of figuring out bolt patterns or offsets. We do it all for you!

The image shows how the Bolt Pattern measurement is taken. A very common bolt pattern is 4 x 114.3 . So in the image that would be 4-Lug and the measurement between the lug studs would be 114.3 millimeters.     

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