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Wood Trim and Carbon Dashkit 101 from Thailand’s, Singapore’s, Dubai’s and UK’s top accessories exporter

What is a dash kit? Dash kit is a decorative interior application (trim) that is installed on top of stock salon pieces such as center console, door trim, speedometer surround overhead console etc. Original dash kit was made only in wood grain and came equipped on very expensive automobiles like Jaguar, Mercedes and Bentley. With cost of production and material dramatically falling it became possible to provide dash kits for almost all models on the road today and diversify dash kits in colors and materials. 

Sitting every day at the wheel, you surely don’t want your vehicle’s interior to look dull and plain, what you really want is your car to have the best-looking trim, and you definitely understand how important here refined dash kits are. 

We currently provide two kinds of trim: Wood trim and Carbon Fiber trim kit.

Why would someone buy a dash kit?

Why do we decorate our homes? Put wooden floors, paint walls in certain color, buy stylish furniture? The answer is simple – beauty, personality, style. If you’re going for rich elegant feel of your car, you would definitely need a wood trim to beatify the interior. Just take a look at some of our installed examples to see the point. If you’re looking for sporty, new age style – carbon fiber or aluminum is what will make you and your passengers feel it with every glance. Jim Autos is the leading supplier of wood grain and carbon fiber  dash kit to not only our worldwide dealers and customers but also to automotive dealers throughout Thailand. We have been manufacturing automotive accessories including dash trims for a number of years.

History of Dashboard Trim Kits:

In the “Old Days”, the presence of genuine wood dash trim would distinguish luxury high-end vehicles from their lowly counterparts. The accented wood dashboards of Jaguars and Bentleys always had that “Classy Look” which others envied. In later years, wood dash kits became available in Thailand but the method employed was labor intensive and costly. Artisans cut thin pieces of timber to certain shapes and then would hand stain each individual piece, rubbing and polishing until the finish was deep and rich. These wood dash panels were then fixed to the dash with screws and pins. This process caused wood accented dashboards to be a very expensive option, usually costing $1,000-$1,500, and generally offered only through new car dealerships. The breakthrough occurred when Jim Autos Thailand stepped into the fray and as it had redefined Thailand automotive scene, it also revolutionized wood trim kits installation. By creating highest quality dashboard trim kits in its state of the art factory and affixing wood or synthetic veneer with double-sided adhesive tape made dashkit accessible and affordable to the masses. Not only was the installation time of wooden dashkits dramatically reduced, but the new process was so easy that any one could install a wood kit without professional assistance. Today, wood dash kits are completely affordable and an easy do-it-yourself item. A wood dash kit is just as classy and beautiful today as it was in the old days thanks to the advances in the technology of wood dash kits.

Add Style to your vehicle with a Wood or Carbon Trim  

Dash trim can enliven the grayest and blandest of dashboards. Add a little wood and a dashboard becomes like the bridge of an old-world schooner. Add colored carbon trim and sitting in a car is like taking the wheel of some flying vehicle from the future. Most modifications you can make to your car are expensive and time consuming. Dash trim kits are a bargain.

Dash trim comes custom made to fit your car, regardless of the make and model. Trim kit designed for Toyota Hilux Vigo will be very different from the trim designed for Nissan Navara. Trim kits will have trim designed to fit perfectly on door locks, cupholders, speakers, you name it. An interior can suddenly come to life with relatively little effort.

As a verb, trim means “to make something tidier or more level by cutting a small amount off it.” As an adjective, it means “tidy and well-ordered.” Dash trim can make everything look tidy, like a careful haircut or a just-clipped hedge. It can also give a dashboard a wild look. Bright red or chrome-colored trim highlights the contours of a dash. It makes a statement. It says, “Personalized. Not factory made.”

Today, cars that seem ordinary coming out of the factory are receiving radical recreation at the hands of a new movement of car fanatics known as “tuners.” Tuners will take a standard Honda Civic, and turn it into something you might have seen in “The Fast and the Furious.” The transformed Civics are hardly recognizable. People want their cars to reflect their personality. Dash trim is one way to start.

Personalize your vehicle with a dashkit

Wood dash kits can make the dash in your dumpy heap of a car as nice as the dash in a brand new Lexus. They can also make the dash in your brand new Lexus even nicer–personalized to your taste. Either way, you end up with something new and something unique. You end up with your own choice.

Why settle for the factory standard? It’s like living in a home with all white walls. It’s not really done. Only imaginary cocaine-addicted millionaire bachelors on bad TV shows neglect to hang something up. You’re a real person. You add art, you add photos, you add wallpaper. You customize.

Maybe it’s more like getting a computer with a standard operating system and leaving all the settings to default. Even Microsoft doesn’t expect you to do that. You set the desktop to a pattern or picture that you find pleasing. You assign a screen saver that you like.

Wood dash kits come in a wide variety of styles and colors. You can get cherry, walnut, maple, and other woods. You can order different stains, from rosy red to natural blond. There are expensive, exotic woods, less expensive mass-market woods, and even cheaper synthetic wood veneer. The Internet is a great place to track down wood dash kits that fit who you are.

Customized dashkits

Dash kits transform the interior of your car the way a new paint job transforms the exterior. There’s no point in spending hundreds of dollars buffing up your car’s exterior without paying some attention to what’s inside. After all, the inside of the car is what you see when you’re driving. The dashboard is right there in front of you, mile after mile.

Cars arrive with factory dashes that often leave much to be desired. Gray plastic is a perplexingly popular dash in many late-model American cars. Sure, you can leave it as it is. But you’re in your car an awful lot. Why not dress it up?

There are an amazing number of options available once you decide to soup up your dashboard. Dash kits come in a huge variety of materials and colors. Wood dashes are an especially popular favorite. Some luxury cars come with wood dashes as standard equipment. Just because your car didn’t come that way doesn’t mean it has to look any less glamorous inside.

You can order wood dashes that use any number of woods and stains. Synthetic wood dashes are a less expensive option that gets you a very similar look and feel. For a more modern look, there are carbon fiber dash kits. Carbon fiber kits come in nearly every color of the rainbow. Futuristic chromes and aluminum colors are a sporty alternative to both wood and bright colors. Some dash kits come with paintable components, allowing you to truly customize your dash. Your car’s interior can be your personal canvas.

Carbon Dashkits – The new “in” thing

Carbon fiber dash kits are a new, flashy alternative to a dash upgrade. In the past, wood grain dash kits were all the rage. People turned their car interiors into wood-paneled wonderlands. A ride in a redone Ford Ranger might feel like a cruise in a strangely-styled Rolls. With carbon fiber dash kits, a dash upgrade can be more modern, more 21st century.

Installing carbon fiber dash kits is like giving your car a top-notch facelift. Uninspired trim can make driving a chore. People spend huge amounts upgrading their faces and bodies. Carbon fiber dash kits are nicely inexpensive, and can give the same moral boost.

Look at pictures of any major media star of today as they look right now and line it up against a picture from a few years ago. Many have had elaborate changes in their appearance. In order to look modern, many stars feel the need to update their looks.

Similarly, a carbon fiber dash kit can help the look of your car stay updated. This eliminates the need to acquire a new car to keep your car looking good. Luckily, Jim Autos Thailand and its sister company Jim 4×4 Thailand have the latest designs from which you can choose.

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