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Wheel Fitment

Custom Wheels fitment – there are many different styles of custom wheels but one of the biggest determination between custom wheels is if they will fit a Front Wheel Drive or a Rear Wheel Drive Offset.

Generally Wheel and Tire packages are a great bargain

When we discuss Front Wheel Drive Offset and Rear Wheel Drive Offset we are not talking about which wheels on the car actually propel the vehicle. We are referring to Offset.

There are 2 main offsets: Rear Wheel Drive Offset and Front Wheel Drive Offset.

rear wheel offset has a lipfront wheel offsetRear wheel drive offset is typically from +0 to +20 Offset. Front wheel drive offset is typically +35 to +45 offset. On the left is a picture of a Rear Wheel Drive Offset wheel. It is a +20 Offset which makes it a Rear Wheel Drive Offset. Notice how the wheel has a “Lip”. the inner part of the wheel is set back.

The image on the right is a typical Front Wheel Drive Offset custom wheel. It has an Offset of +40. Notice how the center of the wheel is flush with the outside of the wheel. There is no “Lip”.

Once again Offset pertains to the wheel, it has nothing to do with which wheels propel the vehicle. There are many vehicles that are Rear wheel drive(the back wheels propel the vehicle) and have a Front Wheel Drive Offset. So the key word here is Offset, and not drive wheels, do not confuse the two, they are totally different.

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