Why Import from Thailand

Why Import from Thailand?

In beginning of twenty-first century, diesel vehicles in Japan were required to meet the same emission standards as gasoline vehicles, which practically made it impossible for diesel passenger vehicles or diesel trucks under 3.5 tons to remain on Japanese roads.

In early 2005, even more stringent diesel emission limits were issued. These limits amounted to a ban on the sale of new diesel vehicles and have spelt, as a section of the Japanese media preferred to put it, “the death of diesel in Japan”.

Thailand, on the other hand, continues to build diesel vehicles. Japanese automobile manufacturers are now building diesel vehicles in Thailand in state of the art plants run under Japanese management and strict Japanese quality control standards. This means that Thailand made cars, pickup trucks and Sport Utility Vehicles SUVs have the same or better quality than their Japanese made counterparts but are considerably cheaper because of relatively inexpensive labour and raw material costs.

This is why in a few years, Thailand is poised to replace Japan as the prime importer of new and used vehicles and this is why Thailand has earned the nickname of Detroit of the East. Since Jim is Thailand’s oldest and largest auto exporter you can save money by consoldiating all your worldwide purchasing with us thanks to our purchasing clout and economy of scale not just in Thailand but also Singapore, England United Kingdom, Dubai, New Zealand, Australia and the United States.

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