Why Jim Autos

Why choose Jim Autos

  • 106 years of automotive experience
  • Presence in all automotive markets: Thailand, Japan, Singapore, England UK, Australia, United States and Dubai UAE
  • A World class Track Record all over the world
  • Lowest Prices in the world
  • Fastest Delivery of the vehicles
  • 5-star Customer Service
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Repeat and Referral Customers in every market
  • We see our success in your success
  • Reliability and Dependability:  We meet your budget and deadline and you’ll always be able to talk directly to us during the whole process
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: We will not be happy until you are 100% satisfied
  • No Hidden Charges: Not only do we offer the best prices in the world. We reveal all your costs upfront
  • Listening: We don’t just hear, we listen to develop a clear understanding of what you want and deliver the results that you and your customers want
  • Easy To Work With: We have a positive approach and want you to feel comfortable in raising any concerns and asking any questions regardless of how trivial you think they may be
  • Labour Of Love: We love what we do and pride ourselves on our quality of work

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Relax! You are in good hands with Jim

Buying a vehicle from a foreign dealer can be a stressful experience. All kinds of thoughts besiege the mind. What if he cheats me?  Buying from an e-tailer can be an equally scary experience. If you don’t buy from Jim – that is. One of our first time customers send us money for 10 vehicles and then went fishing for two weeks while we frantically searched for the source of that wire transmission. We asked how he would send us money and then just disappear when he had never done any business with us before. He told us that our reputation preceded us and that his money was just as safe in our account as it were in his account.

Relax! integrity, honesty and professionalism are not just slogans but promises made by each succeeding generation to its former generation. Centuries old family tradition of honesty will not be compromised simply because we have entered the Internet Age.

A Jim deal is much more than an unbeatable price on a new or used car or pickup truck or SUV. It’s a company-wide commitment to exceeding the expectations of our sales, parts and accessories customers every time they honour us with their business. Our preferred customers who buy 100+ vehicles certainly receive preferential treatment but this does not mean that we ignore those customers who order few vehicles at a time. Our commitment to complete customer satisfaction is for all our customers not just for those who buy 50 and 100 vehicles at a time. While dealing with small dealerships and companies we do not forget our own origins. We started small as well and had to struggle in some of the most difficult times and we not only survived but thrived thanks to the loyalty of our customers.
With us, you will have fun while saving money and time!

Why work with us?

  • You will get the highest quality at the lowest price in town
  • You get treated professionally
  • You are treated with respect and you are assured absolute integrity
  • We have experience in Thai, Singaporean, Dubai, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australian, South Asian and international markets. No matter what country you are in, the chance is that we have already imported to your market
  • Our solutions are customized to your needs and requirements
  • We can offer cradle to grave solutions as we are present in each automotive market and can offer a range of products and services
  • Our products and services are of highest quality
  • We serve a range of clients from blue-chip corporations, dealership groups, non-profits, governments to supply companies

With Jim, you will have fun while saving money and time!

Time is Money!” is a worn-out cliché but like all clichés it has a core of truth and this maxim applies well in this business. Once the client has send his money to us, this money is gone from his coffers and is now dead money making no profit. The sooner the car can leave our premises and be in our client’s hand, the sooner he can start profiting from his investment. Every day counts and we understand this very well. Others may make promises but we deliver. We try to take a vehicle through registration and deregistration process, export paper acquisition process and accessories installation process in 8-10 working days which is a record in our industry. We also save time at the beginning of the process by getting back to any routine inquiry in  a few hours. We also stock vehicles that are in greatest demand so customers don’t have to wait a single day while we buy his vehicles. For customers who have to have their vehicle yesterday, we take some high demand vehicles through the process so these fast track vehicles will be ready for shipment within a single working day of the receipt of our client’s payment.

Try us. We compress time to save you money!

If it is too good to be true…

Jim Autos can offer the cheapest price in town for a reason. As Thailand’s oldest and largest automotive exporter we have industry-wide connections, purchasing clout and enormous financial power of worldwide Bloomstar organization, we are able to buy lower than any of our competitors and instead of adding those savings to our coffers, we pass these savings to our customers.

Last year a few of our customers were enticed away by prices that were lower than our purchase price. We asked them how someone could sell at below their purchasing costs but they remained undeterred. It did not give us any joy when our customers learned an invaluable lesson at the cost of hundred of thousands of dollars of their hard-earned money. Remember if a deal sounds too good to be true, it really is.

There are many scammers who only be too happy to separate you from your money and auto exporting is attracting its share of crooks. So only buy from a reputable vendor who has been in business for a few years and has a stellar reputation in the industry.

Highest Quality at Lowest Price

At Jim Autos you will get the highest quality vehicles, parts and accessories at the lowest price in town. We supply not only Thailand’s top quality Right Hand Drive (RHD)diesel pickups and SUVs but also high-quality Right Hand Drive Singaporean and Japanese vehicles as well as quality converted Left Hand Drive vehicles and Dubai Local Original Left Hand Drive vehicles as well as quality Left Hand Drive vehicles from the LHD countries of South East Asia

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